Crowd Wants To Throw Idaho Potatoes at Joe Biden

Creepy Joe Biden flew into Boise, Idaho thinking that he would be welcomed with a parade and massive cheers as he touched down. But what he found were thousands of people that had gathered to protest the old man’s COVID-19 rescue plan, the past election, and many other things that Biden has messed up. Biden’s […]

AOC Taken to the Cleaners As This Democrat Slashes Into Her Regarding Her Stance on Bill

The Democratic Party is fractured to the core because of their beloved president Joe Biden. On one side of the room, the progressives love the man to death because he is giving them everything their Islamic hearts desire. And then on the other side are the moderates. And they are the ones that cannot get […]

Here Comes The Wall…Thanks, Texas!

Texas has decided to step in and take care of everything that the Biden administration has abandoned – including building the wall. The U.S. has pretty much decided to leave the southern border alone. The only problem is that it’s allowing tens of thousands of migrants to enter the country illegally every month – and […]

Chicago Experiences Another Deadly Weekend with 64 People Shot and 9 Dead

The streak of violence in far-left cities across the country continues and Chicago is at the front of the pack. There were 64 people shot in the Windy City over the weekend and nine of them were killed. This number includes a 12-year-old boy who was shot by his mother after a disagreement about a […]

Biden Forces 18 Trump Appointees to Resign or be Fired

It’s not uncommon that one of the first things for a new president to do is fire or replace staff members hired by or who have ties to the former administration, particularly if the two national leaders are of differing political parties or opinions. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising in the least when White House staffers […]

The Rules for Women Roll Out from the New Taliban Government

We were told that this “new” regime of the Taliban would be different. Women and children would be treated differently. They would be given more rights. Well, the new rules have rolled out for the women in Afghanistan. The new Taliban government seems to be hell-bent on limiting what women can and cannot do. While […]

Biden Goes Rogue Sidestepping the Legislative Process

Joe Biden has done the unthinkable by announcing to the world that he is done working with the legislative process. The impeachable offenses of his executive orders will keep his legal team active in court for the rest of his sorry term. He has not said it with his mouth, but his actions indeed speak […]

Biden Jumps in Bed With Gavin Newsom As Recall Draws Closer

Joe Biden’s ineptness continues to grow as it becomes a never-ending saga story for the world to watch. The media is well-trained to present the old man as some fake savior. But his deception works to present him as nothing more than a selfish Democrat looking to make a name for himself in the world. […]

Donald Trump Wins Texas Abortion Lawsuit…Here’s How He Did It

Texas conservatives took a “remember the Alamo” stance against liberals who thought it was high time to change the state’s strict abortion laws. They made a big enough splash to halt the laws for a week while SCOTUS mulled their request over, but ultimately, the tsunami they were hoping to create headed back out to […]

Racist President Uses Civil Rights as Excuse to Force Red States Into Submission

Joe Biden and his administration have redefined what civil rights is all about. His administration uses civil rights violations as reasons to investigate Republican states and their refusal to force kids to wear masks while sitting in school. Their cry is that students with disabilities are being abused because they do not want to mask […]

20 States United to Sue Biden Due to Transgender Mandate Allowing Biological Boys to Compete Against Girls

President Joe Biden now has a total of 20 states working to block his transgender mandate tied to schools. This mandate basically allows biological boys who identify as female to compete in girls’ sports. It also makes the way for transgender youths to use locker rooms and bathroom facilities in accordance with their preferred “gender […]

Democrats Find Final Way to Disrespect Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Americans were shocked and devastated when the news broke that the Taliban had once again claimed the lives of American service members in Afghanistan. This attack came as American troops were making preparations to withdraw from the Middle East nation after two decades of pushing back radical terrorism and violent dictatorships. That progress culminated with […]

Of Course, The Taliban Had a Special Plan for 9/11

As with every year since 2001, September 11 has been a day to remember our loss, to honor those who sacrificed it all on that fateful day and the years afterward, and a day to thank our leaders of old for the tenacity to revenge that loss. On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin […]

New Trial Begins for 9/11 Planners in Gitmo…They Could Walk…Yes, Really

Since 2012 when the U.S. government stated its charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack, he and his four accomplices have been rotting in their cells at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The prison currently houses 39 terrorists, with Mohammed and his crew considered as the most dangerous and violent offenders. The […]

Students Bribed by Teacher To Attend Anti-American Events

The liberals living in Sacramento have found out that bullying little kids works to their advantage. They have discovered that they can get the smallest minds to abide and believe their dangerous ideas by threatening and bribing them in the classroom. Teachers hated the idea of virtual classrooms because they could not hide the treacherous […]

Ginsburg Taking Heat for Texas Heartbeat Law…One Feminist Tweeted ‘Old, Dead, White B****’

It did not take long for those on the left to make a major turn in how they regard their feminist hero and women’s rights crusader, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Right after the present Supreme Court rendered their 5-4 vote refusing to block the implementation of the Texas “heartbeat bill” on September 1st, […]

Biden Admin official Turns on POTUS with Shocking Admission

President Joe Biden has an aggressively sized PR problem following his deadly pullout of troops from Afghanistan, and with good reason. Not only was the ideology behind the withdrawal suspect, the way in which the Biden administration treated the removal was something that would make an onlooker question whether the coordinator was being bribed. While […]

40 Academics Have Come Together to Stop the Abuse of History for Political Purposes

There are now over 40 academics who have come together as a force to stop the “abuse of history” for political purposes. According to The College Fix, the academics who are mostly from the United Kingdom, have started a website called “History Reclaimed.” The site explains that “History has become one of the major battlegrounds […]

Biden Openly Insults Black Senior Advisor, Calling Him ‘Boy’

Every once in a while, a great storm hits our nation’s shores and makes the whole country stop and take notice. It happened sixteen years ago with Katrina, and now, thanks to Hurricane Ida, it seems to have happened again. Naturally, many comparisons are being drawn between the two devastating storms, including where landfall hit […]

Teacher in California Deserves a Pacifier as She Hides the Flag Because It Made Her Uncomfortable

A liberal teacher strikes again at the heart of patriotic pride and younger minds. Kristin Pitzen is the liberal quack that took a moment to blast the American flag and destroy the next generation’s hopes. The dirty-minded liberal could not accept that the kids wanted to pledge allegiance to their country’s flag. But their hopes […]

McConnell Squelches Impeachment and Directs Voters to Hold Biden Accountable at the Ballot Box

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority Leader, gave some direction to the GOP voters this week. He made it clear that President Joe Biden would not be impeached or removed from office over his disastrous handling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal. This is in spite of the efforts by House Republicans to begin impeachment proceedings. […]

Portland Mayor Found Violating State Regulated Facial Diaper Wearing

Portland, Oregon, is the epicenter of violence in North America. Mayor Ted Wheeler is a politician that favors violence and destruction at the hands of terrorists. His reluctance to stop it when it first broke out in 2020 has led to the continuation of hostilities against law and order. And now that he presides over […]

And You Thought America’s Cancel Culture Was Bad…

No doubt, you’ve seen the scary trend of cancel culture that has seemingly taken over the United States in recent years and months. With this intact, all it takes is one wrong phrase, one ill-placed word, one untasteful picture, or one-minute fact from your past and life as you know it is pretty much over. […]

Terrorists Receive the Best Training in the World at US Taxpayers Expense…You Might Wanna Read This

The best defense against a bully is learning to fight back. This requires training from someone who knows when to bob and weave and when to throw a punch. On a much larger scale, the same holds true for the armies of foreign nations that lack the strength and ability to ward off more powerful […]

Is Hawaii on the Verge of a Total Lockdown?

Here we go again…the Democratic Lt. Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, just suggested that the state could enter a 72-hour stay-at-home lockdown weekend. This came after the state reported a record-high number of COVID-19 cases. The new record high for the Aloha State tallied up to 1,678 cases out of a state population of almost […]

DeSantis Spills the Beans on Where Illegal Immigrants are Being Dumped

We’ve been wondering where the illegal migrants are being shipped to within the interior of the U.S. The Biden administration has been very hush about the catch & release program that they’ve instituted. If illegal migrants are being shipped into our state or city, we should know…right? Well, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has spilled […]

Close to 90 Retired Generals and Admirals Demand Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Resign

Close to 90 retired generals and admirals have all signed a letter that demands the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), Lloyd Austin, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Mark Milley, resign from their office immediately. This demand comes in response to their roles in the “events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan” […]

Mother Stripped of Parental Rights Over Vaccination Status At The Behest of Judge – Not Father

In a shocking turn of events that should put the fear of everything holy in every single parent, a judge in a custody hearing came up with his own standards regarding health and wellness of children and decided to remove a child from his mother’s custody because she had not yet received the COVID-19 vaccination. […]

College’s New COVID Restrictions Are So Insane They’re Medieval

Students of all ages are headed back to school with varying restrictions being placed on them. Some can sit in class and not have to worry about regulations and facial diapers. But others attending Amherst College are facing invasive measures that are set to violate their healthcare choices. Their right to choose has been stripped […]

Democrats Loyal to the End as One Admits Cuomo Is a Positive Force for Liberalism

Andrew Cuomo is New York’s murder man. When He was governor of the state, he purposely sent COVID patients into nursing homes, which led to thousands of deaths. He tried to cover it up and was caught in the act. Cuomo is also New York’s apex sexual predator. The volume of women that he hit […]

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