Drive-by Robberies Becoming a Common Occurrence in Liberal Land

By lev radin/ The Democratic Party has crippled law enforcement in the state of Minnesota. Their sadistic attempts to defund the police and not support the officers when they show up on a scene have led to people invading stores and taking whatever they want without fear of being confronted by the police. Shop owners […]

The “Nuclear” Kamala Option…

It’s pretty easy to see at this point that the Democratic Party is vastly unsatisfied with their choice of Kamala Harris for Vice President. But what can they do about it now? The answer, at least, at the moment, is nothing. After all, she has been contracted in for another three full years. However, when […]

Democrats Want To Look Into Private Bank Accounts, and They Just Voted To Make It Happen

By Andrey_Popov/ The liberals are all about harming Americans and protecting criminals and terrorists. Their motives are fueled by the communist living Joe Biden, who wants nothing to protect people who voted for him. And every time the Republicans step up to protect the people, the liberals move to limit or kill the protections. The […]

Hillary Claims Trump Supporters Are Afraid of ‘Civil Rights’ and ‘Culture Changes’

By Evan El-Amin/ Of all the things Hillary Clinton could be holding on to, the loss to Trump is the biggest thing on her mind. No matter the event, people, time, or place she must bring up Trump. The man not only lives rent-free in her head, with how popular her hatred has made him, […]

Pence Ready to Toe the Line Against Trump To Endorse Republicans in Primaries

By Gino Santa Maria/ Republicans In Name Only or RINO’s are the epitome of everything hardline voters hate. They have enough leftist policy support to swing some of their people over, and enough disdain for some conservative policies to push away the loyal right. Unsurprisingly, these RINOs are crucial to the campaigns and states being […]

Doom Sweeps the Democratic Party As Biden’s Popularity Hits an All-Time Low…All They Have for 2024 Are These Two Clowns

Joe Biden was strutting like a rooster when he arrived in New Hampshire to promote his $1 trillion infrastructure package. For added effect, the auspicious event was held at the foot of a crumbling bridge. But while Biden was flashing his dentures, not everyone was in a celebratory mood. His political entourage is concerned about […]

N. Korea Is Building a Plush New City on the Chinese Border…Kim Jong Un Calls It a “Socialist Utopia”

By Astrelok/ The world’s been wondering what became of N. Korea’s rolly-polly dictator, Kim Jong Un. Not that he’s been missed. It’s just been odd not hearing the little rocket man deliver threats he can’t possibly deliver on or watching him smile with glee as he fires one off into the ocean. Wonder no more. […]

Navy Steel Falsified to Meet Safety Standards

By Aerial-motion/ When aboard a submarine or really any naval vessel, few things are as important as the integrity and safety of the hull. As such, our naval fleets have high standards when it comes to the construction and types of steel being used to build our wartime vessels. After all, when engaged in a […]

Pelosi Admits Climate Change Spending Is for God

By Kim Wilson/ Separation of Church and State. Something every American can get behind. Something our founding fathers built this country on, and something many people of this country believe in, to their very core. Yet from abortion to illegal immigration, and now to climate change, somehow God is getting involved in all of this. […]

Social Security Benefits: Could They Go Away?

By Lane V. Erickson/ One of the biggest rumors that we continue to hear is that Social Security benefits are going to go away. By the time we retire, and we want to tap into those benefits that we’ve been paying on, they’ll be long gone. But, is that really something that we have to […]

Biden Flirting With the Devil As Church Weighs In on Communion Practices

By marianstock/ Joe Biden thinks that his Democratic position will be enough to save him from the wrath to come for his support of killing unborn children. The Catholic leaders in charge of Biden have long thought that the old man should be denied communion because his support of abortion goes against the teachings of […]

Bold Enemies Take Advantage of Biden’s Weaknesses and Terrorize Americans

RedhoodStudios / Joe Biden is by far the weakest and worst president to sit in the Oval Office. His reluctance to enforce American policies and keep terrorist activity from popping up worldwide has led to a long list of enemies boldly challenging the nation’s resolve. Biden does not have the backbone necessary to engage […]

Rallies Growing in California in Defiance of Governor’s School Vaccine Mandate

By Viacheslav Lopatin/ People are continuing to rally together in the state of California over the COVID vaccine mandate. On Monday, parents and other people across the state gathered to voice their concerns about forced vaccinations. ABC 10 gave this report, “The Our Children, Our Choice Rally is calling on people to head to the […]

Army Lied to Families of Fallen Soldiers of 2017 Niger Ambush…but This Isn’t All of It

By Steven Bognar/ On Oct. 4, 2017, an Army special forces team, Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 3212, was ambushed in Tongo Tongo, Niger. Sgt. 1st Class Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sgts. Bryan Black and Dustin Wright, and Sgt. LaDavid Johnson lost their lives in the attack. Seven other soldiers were left stranded and under heavy enemy […]

Cybersecurity Issues Plague the US Government…and FBI Gets Hacked

By Gorodenkoff/ We’ve been hearing stories over the past few years about how the U.S. government is behind in terms of cybersecurity…and other technology. If we’re supposed to be at the top of our game, shouldn’t we at least be able to protect ourselves from hackers? Well, the FBI has recently been hacked. Out of […]

Biden Is Proud of His Inflation Rates

By Evan El-Amin Of all the things to be proud of Biden has hitched his wagon to some interesting ones. A cocaine-addicted, and ‘miraculously’ not dishonorably discharged son in Hunter; numerous failed racist policies he now opposes; and to top it all off, now he’s so proud of his inflation? Speaking at the Port […]

enator Cruz Criticizes Fellow Republicans for ‘Breathing Life’ Into Biden’s Failing Democratic Agenda

By Andrew Cline/ Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo. Cruz used the platform to criticize Republicans in the House and Senate who voted for President Biden’s infrastructure package. The senator said that his colleagues “breathed life into” the “failing” Democratic agenda. Senator Cruz maintained that the […]

New York Mayor Resorts to Bribery to Get Kids to Vaccinate

lev radin / The Democrats all over America are salivating the money extravaganza that they are going to get from Biden’s infrastructure bill. Many have already dreamt of the ways they can push woke philosophy while at the same time spending money that has yet to be printed. But of all the excitement and […]

‘Racism Built Into the Roadways’ That’s what Buttigieg is Dealing with as America Struggles Under Historic Supply Chain Crisis

Andrew Cline / Did the transportation secretary really say he was going to “deconstruct roads”? Well, the answer to that is yes and no, both better and worse than that idea. Let me expand: As many of you likely know, the Transportation Secretary is former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and to say […]

Cartoonish Pelosi Is Laughed at by People Who Know She Is Lying

degolden / Nancy Pelosi is just a mouth to promote the nastiness of the socialism sweeping through the Democratic Party. For several decades she has had to bite her tongue to remain in power. But now that passionate socialists surround her; she is more willing to pollute the air with her words of insanity. […]

Xi Jinping Eyes a Third Term to Rule Communist China

Frederic Legrand / Xi Jinping has been ruling the Chinese Communist Party for the past two terms. And, as we all know, communism is about control. So, why stop with just two terms? He’s clearly got his eye on the future as he’s planning on setting the stage to seek out a third term. […]

AOC Calls DNC’s Proposed Course Correction ‘Dangerous’ in Brutal Post-Election Comments

lev radin / Danger: It’s what most of us live our lives attempting to avoid. So when someone says something is “dangerous,” it typically merits at least a cursory investigation to see if there really is potential harm at stake. That is, unless one of the most dramatic 30-something women you’ve ever heard says […]

NASCAR President Goes Woke Condemning ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Slogan and Threatening Lawsuits

Novikov Aleksey / Steve Phelps, the president of NASCAR, is now threatening to sue anyone who uses the “Let’s Go, Brandon” slogan on any merchandise featuring the NASCAR’s trademarks. He has publicly condemned the use of the slogan and claimed that NASCAR does not want to be associated with politics. According to The Associated […]

Biden Returns From Europe Speechless After Democrats Fail

RedhoodStudios / Despite his initial thoughts that Virginia would remain blue, Biden found himself yet again on the losing side of history as Virginia was swept by Republicans. In a historic election, Glenn Youngkin defeated the strongly Biden-backed Terry McAuliffe. Given Biden’s “We’re gonna win… I think we’re going to win in Virginia,” mindset, […]

Democratic Super PAC Tells the Party To Shape Up or Get Ready

danielo / Priorities USA is one of the leading Democratic Super PACs, and they have issued a grave warning to the party about their behavior and results as of late. In a recently leaked memo in response to the massive Republican turnout in Virginia and other states Tuesday, they cut through the rhetoric and […]

DeSantis Creates New Police Unit to Pursue Election Crime

Hunter Crenian / Everyone knows that election integrity has been a major concern over the last year, and for good reason. States like Georgia and Texas have passed laws to ensure that future elections will be more secure and fraud harder to achieve. But Florida, with their conservative and hard-hitter of a governor, Ron […]

House Republicans Declare BBB Deal ‘Dead’

Nick_Raille_07 / Every time someone discusses the Build Back Better plan, it dies just a little more. Well in an interview with Breitbart several House Republicans have declared the BBB as dead. Reps. Drew Ferguson (R-GA); the House Republican Chief Deputy Whip, Kat Cammack (R-FL); and Warren Davidson (R-OH) spoke following the recent path […]

Biden Torpedoes US Labor Production to Its Lowest in 40 Years

lev radin / We all know President Biden is as useless as tits on a bull. Now he can’t even get people to work thanks to his lovely plans for free money to keep people out of work, and his inability to get large-scale employers to pay real wages for their employee’s hard work. […]

American Airlines Joins Southwest in Canceling Flights

By Halfpoint/ Over the past few weeks, we watched as Southwest canceled countless flights. While some of it was blamed on staff shortages, a significant amount was blamed on the Biden vaccine mandate. Pilots and other airline staff don’t want to get vaccinated – and they’re being let go because of it. Now, it seems […]

De Blasio Puts Millions of Lives at Risk in Effort to Force Vaccines on Firefighters

By Gorgev/ New Yorkers are known to be a rough and tumble bunch. It’s not hard to know that anyone who tries to take on someone from the outskirts of the iconic largest city in the nation wouldn’t fair well. Arguably the most imposing kryptonite that could take down a New Yorker would be infrastructure. […]

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