Biden’s People Admits that Donald Trump’s Wall is What is Needed to Stop Illegals

The Democratic voters realize for the first time that they made a massive mistake voting for crazy Joe Biden. They are wishing that they would have thought through the border wall issue better and what would happen if Biden were to mess with the growing economy. The insane president destroyed jobs and made a mess […]

There is No Limit to the Level of Lunacy That San Francisco is Willing to Accept

California’s school districts continue to defy all logic and rationale as they refuse to reopen schools and try to rename their schools to remove all traces of lighter-skinned people from their ranks. The events of decades ago are repeating themselves in society today. Except this time around, the lighter-skinned people are being targeted by Democrats […]

Air Force Adds Robot Dogs Since Liberals Don’t Like Human Security

There’s not enough diversity in the military anymore. And there are too many extremists. What are we to do? Someone needs to protect us! Liberals on Capitol Hill love to complain about our military, yet they have no problem keeping National Guard troops there months past when it was necessary. Since the liberals are afraid […]

Expectant Mother’s Rejoice After Dads Required to Financially Support Pregnancy in Utah

The Democrats love their ability to tell women that it is just fine to murder their unborn child. The liberal teachings on life have poisoned millions into believing that life begins after the baby is born. But science teaches that life begins at conception, and there is nothing that can change that fact. There is […]

Democrats Caught in Lie Over DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is the next most extraordinary person to make his way into the realm of politics. His presence is enough to shake up any room full of liberals because he represents a class of people that stands for freedom and a significant reduction in federal control that the Democrats are trying to take for […]

Trump Infuriates Liberals With Easter Message Threatening Everything Biden Is Trying to Build

Former President Donald Trump once again flexed his leadership muscle on Easter when he reiterated his disgust with those who are standing against the Georgia election reform bill proposed by Republicans. “Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country,” Trump wrote, according to The […]

Zuckerberg Outed: Americans Discover Personal Details About Facebook’s CEO He Was Desperate to Keep Quiet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the victim of what appears to be a personal data hack just days ago. The social media giant’s founder and chief executive has been a polarizing figure in recent years as contention over the effects that his decisions have had on the election system, have only gained momentum. According to Business […]

Don’t Mess With Arizona Kids: Watch Concerned Parents Slam School Board For Proposed Woke Equity Guide for Elementary Schoolers

The local school board in Arizona has found out what Arizona parents think about their plan to indoctrinate children with critical race theory, according to a report in The Daily Wire. The Parents of children attending Litchfield Elementary School District in Arizona are putting up a fight against the district’s “equity plan” that is part of […]

Biden’s Vow to Fix the Southern Border Crises Was a Campaign Lie…It’s Out-of-Control And Kids Are Paying the Price

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden received great pleasure in wagging his arthritic finger in Donald Trump’s face over his handling of our nations’ ever-increasing border crisis. With all of the labored breath he could muster, Biden claimed this to be his top priority if elected. But as more and more unaccompanied migrant children are […]

Shocker! Biden Lied About Tax Hikes

Americans have quickly learned that what President Biden says and does are two different things. Many voted for him anticipating a moderate who would do what was best for the country. However, he’s easily swayed by the liberals who seem insistent on destroying the country. When Biden talked about taxes throughout his presidential campaign, he […]

The Spending Queen’s Lust for Money Will Be Her Undoing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been relatively silent the past few months. The stress of Washington is starting to show up on her long and saddened-looking face. It is fairly straightforward that she has had to spend some time getting over her favorite president as he was replaced with a mental case named Joe Biden. Ocasio-Cortez misses […]

Graham Allen Reveals Facebook’s Most Aggressive Anti-Free Speech Move Yet

Facebook appears to be doing a complete purge of all things, Trump, after removing the voice and likeness of the former President Donald Trump in what is one of his first public comments earlier in the week, according to The Washington Examiner. Trump was interviewed by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump who asked the former president about […]

High Profile Republican Pushes Back Against Rape Allegations Claiming Corruption of DOJ

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is pushing back against a serious allegation that he has had an inappropriate and illegal relationship with a 17-year-old and he told Tucker Carlson his story on Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight. According to Gaetz and The Daily Wire’s report on the ongoing saga, the outspoken Republican is being blackmailed by […]

Political Conspiracy Takes Aim at Papa John’s Pizza for Political Affiliation

The radical left has no problem digging into the American dream and destroying it for people. And what is genuinely anti-American is when they use their employment positions to destroy the livelihoods of fellow Americans based on political stances and beliefs over certain events. The Democrats have proven on multiple levels that they are willing […]

Democrats Paying Illegals to Come North Only Fuels the Fire

Joe Biden may think that he can save the country, but that only means destruction in the real world. He has singlehandedly put people out of business, raised taxes, killed energy independence, muffled mouths, favored corruption, emboldened enemies, and invited illegals to stay forever. And that is just in his first 100 days in office. […]

Universal Basic Income Test Will Highlight Everything Wrong with the Concept

Universal basic income (UBI) is a concept where everyone is given a specific amount of money to help with living expenses. It can be spent however a person desires. The goal is to level the playing field while also helping to increase the amount of technology in the area. Through UBI, advocates explain that it’s […]

Chinese Propaganda Program in US Schools Changes Rebrands Hoping Biden Will Forget They’re Indoctrinating Students

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book: when something is scandalized, the subject of lawsuits or heated debates, or just simply stops working one proven method of changing the conversation and one’s fortunes is to change the name of the thing in question. By changing the name of something, it makes talking about […]

Alaska Governor Tells Biden What He Can Do with His Mask Mandates

As you well know, the political left on its self-given high horse insists that face masks be worn at all times to combat the spread of the coronavirus and put an end to the pandemic it has caused. And no voice seems louder than that of the very scripted President Joe Biden. Last week, during […]

Biden Borrows From Clinton but Not From Trump

Presidents tend to borrow from one another. It ensures that the country runs in the same way, regardless of who the president is. If one president acts too irrationally from a previous administration, it can confuse everyone – including Americans and world leaders. If Joe Biden were going to borrow from anyone, it should be […]

Dems Self Destruct on Gun Control

Increased gun control and legislation that backs it has been in the works for the far left for just about as long as firearms have existed. The matter never really seems to go away, even after more restrictive laws are put in place. And of course, with Democrats holding the majority in both the Senate […]

Trump Tells All as Fauci Takes Credit for Work He Did Not Produce

Everyone knows it was just a matter of time before Fauci would try and take credit for the hard work that Donald Trump did for the country. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Brix were two doctors that helped Donald Trump’s administration through the pandemic months. But now that he was cheated out of his second term […]

Biden Describes Filibuster as “Jim Crow Relic”

For just about as long as America has had a two-party system, the very idea, let alone the actual existence of the congressional filibuster, has been controversial, to say the least. Year after year, decade after decade, one party or another seems to complain about its presence and push that it be forever removed from […]

Stop with Scare Tactics, London Shows Hope

Listen to the news long enough and the Biden administration will convince you that normal is a long way away. Listen to Dr. Fauci and he’ll tell you that it could be years before we get to get rid of our masks – whether we’re vaccinated or not. The scare tactics are what’s preventing the […]

Desantis Sends Biden Airmail of Rejection Over Passport Idea

Joe Biden’s silly idea of forcing people to get a COVID-19 shot before they can fly is not hitting on favorable responses. He plans to issue COVID passports to people who have received the shot to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have been inoculated. His method of control crosses the line […]

What? In Plea for More Mask Mandates Biden Says We Can’t Afford “More Desks”

Joe Biden is one of those people that misses the obvious as it stares him in the face. The science behind COVID-19 clearly shows a tapering off of the virus and that there is no need for any further aggressive measures to contain or combat the sickness. But listening to and watching Biden react to […]

Trump Pushed the Vaccines, Yet Fauci Gives Himself Pat on the Back

One of the ways that Donald Trump was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic was to push for vaccines. He knew that it was a critical component to helping the country get back to a normal way of life. While Trump was working with researchers from around the globe, Dr. Fauci was focused on telling everyone […]

Worst Nightmares: Biden Wants Us Tagged and Tracked

The vaccine passport has been somewhat of a threat for a while now. It would allow for a high level of tracking. Many people see it as a way for the government to track us – and that’s why there are so many people saying that they have no desire to get vaccinated. Oh, but […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Accused of Grooming Yet Another Underaged Sex Victim for Epstein…Grab Some Popcorn

Children and sex. It’s a disturbing combination to anyone with an ounce of morality. This excludes certain high-power figures whose names appear on a yet-to-be-revealed list belonging to one Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell. Some would prefer the list not be made public and they have their reasons. It’s because they’re probably on it. Jeffrey Epstein was […]

Liberal Racism Causes Community Harm as Cinderella Production Canceled Because of Whiteness

The Democrat’s push of racism is destroying America, one person at a time. Liberals at all levels of government constantly look for ways to screw over the American people. The state of Minnesota was blessed to have the Cinderella story being shared with the people. But they were silently poisoned by liberal propaganda and racist […]

Call for Section 230 Reform Comes from Most Unlikely Source

Big tech is a platform that has long been protected by Section 230. The regulation’s sole purpose is to keep them from being held accountable by content posted by users. They could easily be seen as a publishing company that would be accountable for the content. But Section 230 nullifies all of the regulations that […]

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