The CARES Act That Dems Don’t Want to Admit Helped

Trump doesn’t care about anyone. He doesn’t care about the coronavirus. He’s perfectly content to watch the economy fail. If you listen to the Democrats long enough, this is what they’ll get you to believe. Only he does care.

The proof is in the CARES Act that was passed. This is the coronavirus relief package that so many people have benefited from – yet most Dems don’t want to admit that even exists. It’s what has kept many from hitting rock bottom since the Covid-19 pandemic has caused millions to be laid off or furloughed.

The only thing that people really know is that they got one stimulus check, if they had an income of less than $75,000. Is $1200 enough to make everything okay? No. It’s not. And Trump knows that. It’s why he’s been fighting to issue a second stimulus check. The only problem is that the Democrats want to add a bunch of things to the relief bill that has nothing to do with helping America.

That’s shady! They don’t want to pass a second stimulus bill because they know it would make Trump look good. Let’s not help out Americans because, heaven forbid, Trump could get reelected as a result. It’s all part of their chess game that they’re playing.

It’s not just about the stimulus check, though. It also involved extending unemployment checks. Those who lost their job due to the pandemic get two things out of the CARES Act. First, they get an extra $600 a week. Second, they get the unemployment benefits extended beyond what they would normally get. It ensures they have the financial coverage until the pandemic is over.

Wait, how come more people aren’t talking about this incredible benefit? The liberal media doesn’t want to share this. They don’t want to admit that President Trump signed off on a bill that would help people overcome the financial problems of the coronavirus.

Oh, and for those who have businesses in place, yeah, there’s assistance for them, too. Many Dems have taken advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program – yet they don’t want to admit it. Instead, they’d rather complain that Trump continues to do nothing for them – yet they’ll cash that check that they got without thinking twice about it.

A second stimulus act is working its way through Congress now because, much to the Democratic way of thinking, Trump does care. He has managed to improve the economy drastically before the pandemic hit – and the unemployment numbers are starting to improve even while the pandemic still rages on.

The Dems have to do better if they want to show that Trump doesn’t care. He has been constantly working behind the scenes to help America and the American people. Sure, the economic impact payment wasn’t the biggest in the world. It’s not as much as what other countries have offered. However, there’s also this thing called balancing a budget – and Trump doesn’t want to send the country into even more debt by handing out checks at random.

America got a fiscally responsible president when they voted in Trump – and that’s not a bad thing. It means that the economy will thrive, and that the nation’s debt will improve. The Dems hate that. They don’t want him to do a good job. The Dems have shown their hate for American by actually hoping that the president fails at his job.

The CARES Act is constantly evolving, too. As the coronavirus continues to threaten the nation and its people, the Trump administration looks at more ways to provide the necessary financial support.

Although the Dems don’t want to admit to asking for help, getting help, or anything that means they would have to acknowledge Trump is getting the job done, he’s out there, helping in any way possible.

If there’s a problem, it’s the Dems slowing down the progress. Trump cares and the CARES Act is the proof.