Texas Congressman Chip Roy Addresses an ‘Impeachable Offense’ in the Biden Administration Over Border Chaos


Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) addressed to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. In this letter, first obtained by The Daily Wire, the GOP Congressman lashed out at President Joe Biden and the DHS leader for the mishandling of illegal immigration. 

The Texas congressman declared in the letter to Mayorkas that if the White House administration allows the expiration of Title 42, their actions would be “be unconscionable and, without question, an impeachable offense in its own right.” 

Title 42 allows for the expedited deportation of illegal aliens because of public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Title 42 is planned to expire at the end of this month. 

Roy wrote to Mayorkas, “even if Congress were to set aside all these previous actions representing a breach of your duty and were to focus solely on the imminent decision you are purportedly planning to take — halting, particularly at this moment, the enforcement of 42 U.S. Code § 265 (Title 42) authority at the U.S. southern border — we would still be duty bound to impeach you.”

Title 42 was begun in the previous administration and it enabled the federal government to deport immigrants, including those seeking asylum, back to their homeland without a hearing. The concern was that they could be increasing the spread of the virus causing the pandemic. The Biden administration has kept the practice in force but plans to end it on March 30th. 

On Chip Roy’s Twitter account, he said that the open borders crowd “HATES” the Trump administration policy because it hinders the left’s plan to get as many illegal migrants as possible into the United States. He said that Biden’s administration has already eliminated enforcement of the policy as much as they can. 

Roy uses these words, “Mayorkas has long REFUSED to FULLY enforce Title 42. Fewer than 60% of illegal encounters have been turned away under Title 42 since Mayorkas took office. Before he took office, 80% were turned away.”

Roy is not alone, Democratic Senators from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, and Mark Kelly are also calling for the Biden administration to extend Title 42. They both sent a letter to Mayorkas as well. Although they do not believe the policy should be in effect indefinitely, they said that the chaos at the border “also negatively affects migrants’ safety and could further strain an already overwhelmed health care system at the border.” Further, they believe that a policy change without another thought-out plan to replace it would increase the strain on DHS as well as communities around the border. It would also affect the local non-profits that are right now at capacity.

This is all due to the Biden administration dealing with maybe the most significant border crises in history. 

According to the Daily Wire reporter, Ben Johnson, “Border encounters in February were up 63% from the same month last year as nearly 165,000 illegal immigrants flooded into the U.S. last month. Our southern border is still totally uncontrolled.” This is the largest increase in U.S. history, according to Johnson, and he blamed the Biden administration for the massive increase in border crossings and the significant decrease in deportations since Trump was in office. 

Johnson, Roy, and other GOP political leaders believe strongly that this chaos at the border will only get worse in the Biden administration rescinds Title 42. 

The clock is ticking…will the DHS and the White House allow this policy to expire in a matter of hours, or will they stop the madness and give the border patrol a means of bringing some control to an out-of-control situation?