Teachers Union in Chicago Decides They Might Put a “Pause” on Proper Learning


Kids need a good education – and we need good teachers to give it to them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of politics at play to determine whether kids can actually be educated properly. And Chicago is a perfect example of how liberal politics ends up hurting the kids more than anyone else.

Countless experts have said that kids need to be in the classroom to get the best education. We’ve seen how virtual learning went. Kids got distracted. They didn’t show up for class. And they didn’t have the ability to learn in groups.

Throughout COVID, kids need to be in the classroom. The risks are not as great as with adults. Most under the age of 18 won’t contract COVID. And if they do, the symptoms are minor enough that it’s more like the common cold than anything else.

Well, the Teachers Union in Chicago has decided that they may have to “pause” in-classroom learning.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has specially polled members to find out if they would support a “district-wide pause and temporary shift to remote learning.”

Now, it begs the question of why they would even consider pausing the best way to educate students across the city. Well, COVID-19 cases are spiking, though it’s mostly due to Omicron. This means that the teachers union would actually consider switching kids to virtual learning all because of symptoms similar to the common cold.

The survey sent out was titled, “Possible Actions for Safety January 2022.” The survey spoke about the cases of the omicron variant throughout the city and around the country. “It is imperative that we return from our winter break with a plan to ensure school communities’ and our own safety.”

The questions were laughable at best. One question even went as far as asking if members would force the public schools to improve COVID safety measures. Ummm, isn’t that what millions were spent on in 2020? All public schools around the entire country have sufficient safety measures in place. And, teachers should have been vaccinated by now, so what’s really the hold up?

This sounds like a way for the CTU to get their way now that they have a spike in COVID to blame it on. They were opposed to the reopening of schools in 2020. It’s as if they don’t want to instruct kids properly. They would rather risk the education of thousands so that they can casually sit behind a computer screen and teach in a haphazardly way.

Corey DeAngelis, the Director of Research for the American Federation for Children has said that threats to close schools will only lead to the public demanding more options for school choice. Oh, and school choice options, according to CTU, has a “racist history.”

DeAngelis explains, “We need to free families from the clutches of power-hungry teachers unions once and for all.” Her solution? It’s time to fund the students instead of the systems.

As of right now, CTU doesn’t know what they’re going to do yet as they await the results of the survey and decide what they can get away with. Until then, they’ll hide behind their keyboards and criticize the way in which Chicago Public Schools handles their COVID testing and offers COVID protocols.