Teachers Union Betrays America and Joins Forces With Terrorists

Liberal teacher unions have declared their independence from America with their latest declaration against a national recognition of Israel as the rightful owner of contested lands. Instead of aligning with Israel, the union has taken sides with the Palestinians. They passed a resolution that declares Palestine as a state.

No one is surprised by the resolution that the union has passed. Instead of supporting freedom, the union would rather hate Israel and embraces the terrorist ideology of the Palestinians. They already attack American kids by not letting them return to the classroom by forcing their selfish demands on parents and local governmental officials.

Israel is a tiny country in the middle of its enemies. There is no reason why the Islamic people have tried to erase them from the face of the planet for decades.

The National Education Association passed the resolution at their annual meeting. The committee that formulated the evil document stated that they “must recognize the existence and sovereignty of Palestine and Palestinian children and families and their human right to access a quality education and live freely.”

The union has no business passing such statements. They need to be more concerned with the well-being of the teachers and the students. They no longer represent the very people that they are supposed to be looking after. The union is nothing more than a political body aimed at making pointless statements and betraying their country.

The document refers to Israeli lands as “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” They think that Israel should not even be in its present location. Their mission is to no longer perform union duties for Americans but to educate the general public on Palestinian ideology and its history. In other words, they are going to become a news outlet for the terrorist organization.

The union tells people that the Israeli people abuse kids and do things to hurt innocent people. And yet, Israel has never started a conflict with the Islamic terrorists. They only attack to defend themselves.

The Palestinian people beg for a cease-fire once they start the conflict. They launch all their rockers pointlessly into Israel and kill anyone that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They use a cease-fire to buy more rockets for the next time they lobby them into Israeli territory.

The communist teacher’s union state that all state and local offices of the union must protect those that speak out against the Palestinians. They need to protect them from the Jewish people even though the Jewish people are beaten and attacked by the Palestinian people.

The Jews are a peaceful people. They do not start conflicts. They are the targets of a hateful regime in Palestine that want them all destroyed.

The NEA wants to pass additional statements that would recognize Palestinians as an official nation. These are ideas that are contrary to the national stance of America. The union is stepping outside of its regular charter and taking on a political thrust. They no longer represent teachers or students.

They are a danger to Israeli children and their parents as they promote anti-Semitic ideas and documents. Uri Pilocowski has noted that such a reality “would pose a danger to Israel’s security.” An official Palestinian state situated so close to Israel would be a breeding ground for terrorist cells. They would be able to hide and attack at will without much effort.

Pilocowski noted that “A government that promotes and turns a blind eye to terror can not be entrusted to run a state. A Palestinian government would have to include Hamas, a terrorist entity that vows to destroy Israel. This would make a Palestinian state a terror organization.”

The teacher’s union sees the Palestinian people as heroic people. They have stated that Israel has tried to exterminate them as a people and conquer them by military means. And nothing could be further from the truth.

The Palestinian people represent a new breed of international terrorism. And to support them is to support terror. The teacher’s union has thrown their hat into the ring with them as they move to support a murderous people determined to kill Jewish children and their parents.