Synthetic Beef? Let’s Make Sure Bill Gates Doesn’t Ever Run for Public Office[email protected]/

Bill Gates has enough money that he can make recommendations for mankind without having to partake in the ramifications. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll be sitting down to a gourmet meal of synthetic beef any time in the near future. Yet, he recommends that all rich countries should be eating it.

The co-founder of Microsoft was recently interviewed by the MIT Technology Review. When it came to discussing his environmental impact efforts, he suggested that rich countries, including the U.S. and those in Western Europe, move to consume synthetic beef. Not just occasionally, but all the time.

Why on earth would anyone want to eat synthetic beef?

With all of the intelligence that Bill Gates has, he believes that it’s one of the best efforts to reduce the carbon emissions from livestock.

Good God, has he been spending too much time with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Quick, let’s kill off all of the cows because their farts are killing the planet.

While livestock does produce methane that has a negative impact on carbon emissions, it is hardly the top culprit.

By Gates’ own admission, the emissions per pound of beef are dramatically less than they are in Africa. Yet, it’s the people in the U.S. that are the ones to be penalized by being given fake meat. Oh, but don’t worry. Gates says, “You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is that they’re going to make it taste even better over time.”


No one really gets used to synthetic beef. Why? It’s not even close to being the same. The only reason that people say that it will taste better over time is because of the flavor additives.

There’s a reason cows are on the planet. They’re a part of the food chain. We’re meant to eat them. And, there’s a significant amount of nutrition found in beef that we won’t get by eating synthetic beef.

Not that Bill Gates thinks of things like this, but what will happen to the entire cattle industry? How many people would lose their jobs if countries were to start shifting away from beef? Cattle ranchers, butchers, and more would be out of work – and that would have significant and negative implications for the economy.

Further, cattle are used for other things, including producing milk. Milk, of course, is also used for milk and cheese. Are we supposed to shift to synthetic milk and cheese, too?

Keeping the cows around to produce milk will mean that they’re still polluting. The only difference with the way things are now is that many are slaughtered to produce beef, ensuring that there are fewer cows farting around a field.

It’s entirely possible that Bill Gates is jumping on the bandwagon. He couldn’t have possibly thought all of this through. People like beef. While there are various meat alternative companies doing well, it’s because they can appeal to the vegetarian and vegan populations.

No omnivore wants anything to do with an impossible burger. Why? It’s impossibly unlike a real hamburger.

Luckily, Bill Gates isn’t the only individual in the world that we rely on for “good” ideas. There are botanists and other researchers that have determined that various types of algae mixed into the diet can reduce the methane released from the livestock.

So, either feed the cows algae or begin eating synthetic beef…

It’s not hard to know how the average omnivore is going to vote. Thanks for the advice, Bill. Here’s a piece of advice for you: don’t run for public office. No one wants to vote for someone who is threatening to take away beef once and for all.