Surprise! Your Kid’s Teacher Worships Satan

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You send your kids to school expecting that the school board has done their part to vet the teachers. You may or may not have had the ability to meet your kid’s teachers before the school year – either due to COVID, busy schedules, or open house being unavailable.

What you don’t expect is for any red flags to be raised about the teachers who spend more time with your kids during the day than you do. You most certainly don’t expect them to be Satan worshippers.

Whether you go to church every Sunday or not is beyond the point. You have certain expectations for your children – and worshipping Lucifer when they’re done with their homework probably isn’t part of those expectations.

One of the teachers at a public school in Fort Wayne, Indiana wasn’t just a Satan worshipper. She actually owned a local Satanic temple.

REAL News Michigan reported that “Jessica Klikas is the owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana, also know as Porta Infernum (Latin for Gate of Hell) LLC.”

Yikes. She’s a fourth grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary, which is part of the Southwest Allen County school district.

Now, in all fairness, the temple was started in 2019, which is a month before she started teaching. She also dissolved the LLC in March 2020, right around when COVID lockdowns started taking place around the country.

Even if Klikas is no longer the owner of a Satanic temple, she likely holds to those beliefs. It was also discovered that she gave a five-star rating on Goodreads to “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.”

Uh oh. What kind of activities is she sharing with the kids?

The school district isn’t interested. They’re not even going to bother investigating it all. Teachers are hard to come by across the country, so it seems like being a Satan worshipper is no big deal. The school district’s Direct of Human Resources was quick to stand up for Klikas and her ability to exercise religious freedom. It was clear that the school board does not ask about the religious beliefs before the hiring process. “As a public school corporation, our teachers are expected to teach the approved curriculum and they are not to impose their personal beliefs onto their students.”

Religious freedom absolutely exists in our country…but…

At what point is there a line that should be drawn? It’s one thing for a teacher to be Jewish or Catholic or Protestant or Baptist. At least there’s some morality that is being clung to.

Worshipping Satan, well, that’s when things get a bit unusual.

It seems that Satanic worship is becoming more mainstream, too, which could explain a lot of the moral decay we’ve seen around the U.S. Perhaps you remember the story about the Satanic Temple of Illinois deciding that they would add a Satanic figure to the manger at the Illinois State Capitol over Christmas…

Also in Illinois, Jane Addams Elementary School allowed students to join a “After School Satan Club” available to those in first through fifth grade.

It’s become obvious that the country needs help. In fact, it needs all the help that it can get. It’s as if we just read about a woman trying to breastfeed a cat on a commercial flight. Things are weird – and it’s unlikely that Lucifer is going to steer the country in the right direction.

We need to cling to our Christian beliefs as that is the root of the U.S. Our Founding Fathers would be so disappointed in today’s world. It’s just another thing to thank the liberals for…