Surprise! Young People Don’t Support Senile Septuagenarian Biden

The Biden campaign has received a number of setbacks over the past few months. As it turns out, people just aren’t that excited about the prospect of voting for a senile candidate who has credible sexual assault allegations hanging over his head. The polls should be reflecting this but they are not. We all remember the polls that circulated before the last election, right?

These polls claimed that Hillary Clinton was going to win with ease and the liberals felt like they had nothing to worry about. History is repeating itself all over again. The mainstream media is using dishonest polls to trick people into believing that their Trump nightmares will be over. In reality, Biden does not have the groundswell that the Democrats are pretending he does.

The latest polls that have been provided by the Wall Street Journal and NBC claim that Biden now has a 10 point lead over the incumbent president. The mainstream media is trying to sweep all of Biden’s past transgressions under the rug. What happened to discussing all of the shady business dealings that his son was involved in? What about the spying that took place while Biden and Obama were still in office?

Some voters might be able to forget these things but we are not going to be able to. From the looks of it, there are plenty of Democratic voters that are not going to be easily swayed. Trump has tried his best to undo all of the damages that the previous administration is responsible for. He’s removed troops from the wars that Biden and Obama started.

He’s even worked tirelessly to stamp out the presence of ISIS in the Middle East. Why would anyone want to vote for Biden at this point? He’s done nothing to stand out from the crowd. NBC and their ilk may try to offer up a false depiction of what is taking place but the polls do not lie, especially when it comes to young people.

The younger voters are simply not looking to jump on the Biden bandwagon and they could not care less. A NBC poll shows that he only has 26 percent of their vote. President Trump continues to increase his numbers with African-American voters by the day. Mind you, Biden is the one who told black people that their black cards would be revoked if they were foolish enough to vote for his competitor.

It should come as a shock to no one that this rhetoric did not turn out well for him. The mainstream media may want people to believe that Joe Biden is the front runner at the moment but only the most gullible leftists are going to buy into that going forward. They already got kicked in the teeth during the last election because they were so desperate to believe in the polls.

Young people are simply not going to race to the polls to support a candidate who cannot keep their best interests at heart. No one should have any faith in a mainstream media poll, especially since they are beyond desperate to get anyone else into the White House. Their Trump hatred is worn on their sleeves for the whole world to see.

When people are this biased, why should anyone be willing to trust anything that they have to say? All of the issues that were associated with Trump also exist when it comes to Biden. His cognitive abilities are impaired, there’s sexual assault allegations and he’s got business dealings that people would like to know more about.

He’s not that dissimilar from the current president, when you really stop to think about it. If Biden is going to win this election, he’ll need to sway young people or black voters to his side. At the moment, this is not something that we would be willing to bet on. Sleepy Joe better wake up and fast!