Supreme Court Set To Hear Important Case That Will Affect Life

Alena Ozerova/
Alena Ozerova/

For decades millions of people have lost their lives before they could ever begin. Their killers are the Democrats that claim a baby is not a human and can be extinguished at any stage of development. The fight for them to be able to live has never been more critical. And the Supreme Court is the only organization that can turn things around in America so the unborn can live.

Every year since 1974, people have participated in the March for Life, fighting for the rights of the unborn. This year will prove whether their efforts are making a difference or not when the Supreme Court hears the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The outcome can significantly affect how children are treated in America moving forward.

The court will look at if any person can set limits on life begins. Some claim that 15-weeks is when it starts, and others claim it is at conception. The case they are scheduled to take dates back to 2018 when Mississippi passed a law that banned abortions after the first 15 weeks.

Human life is a conception event. At that moment, the lifeform will develop into a human being. And no matter what, the Democrats may claim they do not have the right to kill a child just because it is an inconvenience.

The court’s decision will have ramifications for decades to come. There are so many different limits to when an abortion can take place. Democrats believe that as long as the head is still unborn, the child can be murdered. Some would even claim that the child is not a human until it is self-aware. The line of life seems to change with each person that wants to kill a child.

The matter of life cannot be left to lawmakers who change with the wind of preference. The courts are a more stable choice to set the standard for the rest of the time. But within each person lies a moral code that dictates neither has the right to choose. But all life has a right to thrive. And to murder, life is a moral violation against humanity.

The Mississippi Attorney General is Lynn Fitch. He noted that should the state law be upheld, the abortion issue would go back to the states, and each state could set its laws. Fitch said, “It will be messy and it will be hard and may play out differently from state to state. But that is the role the Constitution gave to the people, and the court needs to return to us now.”

Fitch also maintains that the Constitution gives people the right to choose, and the decision should be handed over to the people. But even a significant consensus on abortion does not make it right or not. All people have a right to life. And for a baby to not even be given a chance is murder.

Science tells us that by 15 weeks, every major organ has developed, and most are functional. The Daily Wire noted that “By week 15 today, we can see an unborn child’s fully formed nose, lips, eyes, and eyebrows. We can often tell whether the child will be left-handed or right-handed based on which thumb he or she prefers to suck. More critically, we know now that by the 15th week, the unborn child’s brain can process pain. Armed with insights like these, basic compassion demands that we protect children in the womb.”

Joe Biden and his regime would have all unborn children sent to the gas chambers and extinguished before they could grow up and vote against them. He would instead breed liberals and let them vote for his nastiness.

The Roe vs. Wade court case was the most single-handed event in the history of America that has done the most injustice to human life. Millions of people have lost their lives because the Democrats made an illegal case out of an issue and forced it on the American people. And ever since that day, most people have tried non-stop to protect life at all stages of development.