Supreme Court Issues Heart Stabbing Blow to Liberals on Immigration

Open borders are a danger to the American landscape. To open the borders and allow everyone and their fake family only mean the destruction of the American dream.

Freeloaders would only demand that honest citizens pay for their way of life. The financial burden would be so great that it would collapse a society. This would be the future of America if the Democrats open the borders.

The president has been fighting them and their idea since day one of his presidency. They have tried everything, including going to court, to get their way. But President Trump keeps standing in their way.

Those that support open borders lost a major part of that battle when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing the barrier to continue being built. This is the wall that keeps illegals out and the borders closed.

The southern border is the hot spot of illegal activity. This is the same border that the liberals want to open wide allowing all that crime and human trafficking to flow freely between countries.

The Democrats tried to get one of their environmental groups to contest the wall and get its construction brought to a halt. Their concern was regarding the environment. After all, people always support the little endangered rat living under a log that was brought in and placed by the liberals.

The Sierra Club and the ACLU got their faces slapped when the Court voted 5 to 4 in favor of President Trump’s push to build the wall. The little rat under the log is not a good enough reason to halt a project that will secure the border and keep Americans safe from murder. Both liberal groups know where to go to get their liberal judges to rule in their favor.

But the Supreme Court is not about political lines. They see the bigger picture and what it means to have an unsecured border. One of the ACLU’s favorite courts ruled that the president could not use military funds to build the wall.

But the Supreme Court got involved and ruled that he could use the funds because he is the president. And that falls within his jurisdiction and authority since he is the commander in chief.

And now that the Supreme Court is involved, the wall can finally be built. The Democrats do not want the wall the be finished because that means the president can claim a major victory over them. He promised in 2016 to build a wall that would keep Americans safe and the criminals out. This is one reason why younger females are voting for Trump and not Biden in a few months.

The ACLU and the other liberal organization made claims that the president failed to get the proper impact studies done before constructing the wall. They argued that the wolf and jaguar would be affected if the wall were put in place. Their argument about the rat under the log just was not effective this time around.

When it comes to the safety of the country and an executive decision to protect the people from an outside invade there is no study that has to be done.

Environmentalists believe that before going to war, the countries involved should do an impact study before killing each other. Their ridiculous belief is like a person trying to fix a live outlet while standing in a puddle of water. It just does not make sense.

There is no doubt that this is a major victory or the president. Strict border laws on immigration are the only way to ensure that Americans are safe. The lower liberal courts will have a terrible time convincing anyone that allowing killers into the country is in the best interests of the people.

As the end of the year gets nearer. Biden is feeling the hands of the president strangling his chances of sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. The death blow has come, and Biden has to do something major in the next two months or his chances of winning are gone forever. His future home will be the basement from which he exists today.