Supreme Court Agrees with President Trump Regarding Illegals

President Trump is a fantastic person that is able to deliver on the things that he promises and the ideas that he comes up with. His promise to defend America and keep legal citizens safe has been a hallmark part of his first term in office.

The victory that the Supreme Court handed him regarding illegal aliens will allow him to finalize protecting citizens and keep their tax money from being used to fund illegals.

The Supreme Court killed a challenge by the Democrats who wanted to count illegal aliens in the 2020 census. But now that the Court has finally made its ruling for the president, he can now implement the changes needed to keep the parasites from being counted in the official census.

Tax money will be sent to areas that really need the money. It will not end up being used to educate and fund illegals stealing from American citizens. This victory also allows for a more fair draw-up of confessional maps and seating assignments based on the true population distribution.

Democrats wanted to include illegals, so they can have more seats in the House and have more control over funds that they are not to have. It comes down to control and what kind of power the liberals can have over people.

The Court ruled 6-3 that President Trump is right, and the Democrats are demonic and anti-American. The illegal aliens will not be treated as Americans, and they cannot receive federal aid that rightly belongs to the people that pay taxes. The Democrats want extra seats so they can continue to make their policies of destruction and keep the president from doing his job.

The Court stated that “This past July, the President issued a memorandum to the Secretary respecting the apportionment following the 2020 census. The memorandum announced a policy of excluding ‘from the apportionment base aliens who are not in a lawful immigration status.’”

This ruling is all American. Only those that pay taxes and are legal citizens should have the benefits of the collected funds. The Court also stated that “This case arises from one of several challenges to the memorandum brought by various States, local governments, organizations, and individuals. A three-judge District Court held that the plaintiffs, appellees here, had the standing to proceed in Federal Court because the memorandum was chilling aliens and their families from responding to the census, thereby degrading the quality of census data used to allocate federal funds and forcing some plaintiffs to divert resources to combat the chilling effect.”

The Democrats want to sabotage America. The way they want to do this is by manipulating the true population count. The new congressional maps would give individual states an enormous amount of power to suck funds away from smaller states that have a legal right to the money.

The Court saw through the lie-filled counterattack from the liberals. They tried to state that the president was neglecting Americans by keeping money away from people who are living within the borders. But the Court stated that just because a person is here does not make them legal citizens and able to be counted in the census.

The Court ruled that “At the end of the day, the standing and ripeness inquiries both lead to the conclusion that judicial resolution of this dispute is premature. Consistent with our determination that standing has not been shown and that the case is not ripe, we express no view on the merits of the constitutional and related statutory claims presented.”

The Democrats failed to prove their case, and the Court refused to uphold their objections. They stated that “We hold only that they are not suitable for adjudication at this time. The judgment of the District Court is vacated, and the case is remanded with instructions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.”

The Democrats hate the idea of a stronger America. So where in their warped minds, they believe that a weak country will be able to help people in need better than a strong nation. But that has never been the case in the past. A strong America is better for the world and will keep more people safe than a Democratic-controlled nation ever could.