Support Poured in for Trump from Unusual Sources in Michigan

The Dems don’t like to share anything that could show that their precious polls are wrong. However, they need to brace themselves for the very real possibility that not only were the polls wrong but Biden would lose states that he thought were a sure win.

Particularly in Michigan, Trump had support pouring in for him. It’s not that unusual considering that Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been allowing her liberal leadership to take citizens’ rights away. What is unusual is the sources of support in Michigan.

The Flint City Council VP, Maurice Davis, has been a life-long Democrat. However, he’s seen firsthand what Democrats are doing to Flint and the rest of the state.

Davis recently told Newsmax that the Republicans are the “party of getting it done.” That sounds like a ringing endorsement – and he’s already acknowledged that he’ll be casting his vote for Trump on Election Day.

While the Dems would love nothing more than to tout the various Republicans who have come over to their side, they don’t want to acknowledge that there are just as many, if not more, Dems that are choosing to head over to the Republican side.

Why is it that people who have always considered themselves to be liberal suddenly find themselves siding with the Republicans? There are a number of reasons for that – and much of it comes down to the fact that too many Dems are choosing to go along with the radical ideals and the cancel culture for fear of being canceled.

It’s caused a significant shift within the party to the point that they’re hanging onto democracy by a string. They’re getting closer and close to socialism and dictatorship. They’ll side with the cancel culture over individualism – and those who are smart enough to realize the shift are jumping ship to side with the GOP.

According to the polls, Biden has a lead of 6 points over Trump in Michigan. However, there are more people saying that the polls aren’t accurate.

After looking at what Governor Whitmer has done, choosing to play dictator, and ignoring the legislature, it’s hard to see why anyone would continue to vote Democrat. There’s also what Maurice Davis is pointing out – there are a lot of Trump supporters out there.

He’s frustrated by the Democratic movement and he’s not the only one. Particularly within the black community, people are frustrated by being told they’re not black if they don’t vote Democrat.

He acknowledges that there are more people waking up to see that Trump is getting it done. By voting for Trump, there’s the opportunity to make a change and provide a better way of life for everyone across the state of Michigan.

Davis asked the very important question: “Why vote for people who ain’t going to do nothing for us?”

That being said, was the VP of the Flint City Council going to be enough to sway voters? Hillary Clinton won the city of Flint, Michigan in 2016 with 86% of the vote.

That’s a significant number of voters to sway to the other side. However, a lot has happened in the past four years – and a lot has happened throughout 2020 for people to be beyond frustrated with the Democratic party.

Davis is frustrated that people are still marching. He’s frustrated that the Dems aren’t leading enough to see any kind of real change. Perhaps he’s not the only one.

With so many large turnouts for Trump in Michigan and with so many more endorsements coming through for Trump, it’s hard to believe that Biden still had a six-point lead. Polls are wrong all the time.

Michigan was 16 electoral votes.