Supply Expert Sees Major Kinks in the Supply Chain on the Horizon

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Ever since President Joe Biden was sworn in the American economy has been horrifically crushed. Between poor handling of the nation’s infrastructure at the ports (thanks to Pete Buttigieg), rapidly increasing inflation, and ridiculous energy policies, the US economy has been quickly set up for failure. Despite a global pandemic, a House and/or Senate working largely against him, and the liberal mainstream media twisting everything he does, President Trump had the economy in the US working like a well-oiled machine.

It took less than 12 months for President Biden to mess that up. That’s not the saddest part though. He did it without making any real effort in making it happen. It was a natural result of his incompetent leadership and his poor foresight. He refuses to do anything that will help. Instead, he just keeps making blindly guided decisions, with no real long-term plan at heart. The American people can see that he has no idea what he’s doing despite 8 years as a Vice President and spending nearly his entire life as a politician.

People like Alba Wheels Up President Salvatore Stile see just how incompetent President Biden is. They see where the failures are and hope we can avoid them, but at this stage, the writing is on the wall. Speaking with Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria on April 22nd, he minced no words about where he sees things going for American businesses, and what he would like the American people to be aware of with these supply chain problems.

“In my personal opinion, and I hope I’m wrong, I only see the rates getting higher during the supply chain, during the summer months to continue. You have to remember the rates that are dictated are by the carriers. I’m not sure many people are aware, but the Trans-Pacific trade is well controlled basically by foreign carriers. So, they’re setting the rates they are setting who’s getting containers and who’s not getting containers.”

These companies are making things harder and harder on the US and other industrialized countries. We need these supplies to come in quickly, and at a reasonable price to keep things going. If a single ingredient has a small increase in price, many restaurants and even their distributors can and will absorb that small increase. When it’s a larger increase in price, happening across more ingredients, and happening at more distributers, they are forced to increase their prices as well. This means people stop coming in as often or ordering as much.

Naturally, this leads to even higher prices as they aren’t doing the volume they once were. All of this trickle-down effect because President Biden refuses to do his job properly. He refuses to take responsibility for destroying our economy and getting it back on the right track. The longer he waits to take appropriate action the harder it’s going to be. Stile touched even more on the problems that the consumer should be aware of too beyond the Biden missteps.

“Last year, many of the corporations actually absorbed the freight costs and did not pass 100 percent of it on to the retailers and to their client base. They can’t do that again this year. So now not only do we have a lag from last year for the increase of rates that should have been passed on. We have the rates this year which only get higher, especially during the peak season. So I see a lot of trouble ahead, quite frankly.” Perhaps if we all work together, we can get things fixed ourselves? Then again, Biden would still take all the credit if it was a good thing.