Stop Comparing the US to the UK or We’ll Get a London-Like Lockdown

So many liberals want to say that Trump isn’t handling the pandemic properly. They want to point to the UK and other countries that are doing things differently.

The reality is that Trump handed off the responsibility to the states. If you live in New York or California or Michigan, hate on your Democratic governor, not on Trump.

Pointing to the UK is not the answer. They just went on their third lockdown and their numbers are still going up. Just 300 years ago, we were a part of Britain. Then, the American Revolution went down because we thought we could do things better. Remember? Remember that in the history books?

If we keep comparing ourselves to the UK, we’re going to end up with a London-like lockdown, and no one wants that.

We’re America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Well, at least some of us are.

We fought for our independence – and if we keep complaining and keep breaking the rules with all of the hypocrisy, we’re going to find that we’re in a lockdown that no one will be happy with.

In London, there is a Christmas lockdown going on as well as a travel ban.

Why? Not only are the numbers on the rise, but there’s also a mutation of COVID-19 that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said is 70 percent more transmittable.

Rather than stick around for the cancelation of Christmas, many people decided to leave – clogging up the train stations and roads in the process. Witnesses said that London looked like a war zone in an effort to get out before the lockdown that would take place in London and the surrounding areas.

Everyone leaves with the idea to avoid lockdown, though, not to be safe. They’re crammed on the trains with bodies and suitcases with no effective way to socially distance. Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary called it “totally irresponsible behavior” and went on to say that anyone who has packed their bags should just unpack.

Hancock explains that the new strain is responsible for at least 60 percent of the new infections they’re seeing around London. Since it is more transmittable, there’s more concern to control it.

Now that the lockdown is officially in place, London looks empty. Many countries have shut off travel to and from the UK.

Andrew Cuomo of New York is complaining that it’s “grossly negligent” for the U.S. government to allow UK travelers to fly to New York without at least being tested. Cuomo, however, is the last person who should be pointing fingers and talking about gross negligence – especially since his lockdown efforts haven’t gone so well.

The U.S. is considering the travel ban. However, it should really come from the UK. It is the UK that is allowing people to leave their country although they may be carriers of the deadly pandemic. Countries around them have had to respond since Johnson and the rest of the UK are continuously allowing flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick.

The airlines, too, could choose to cancel flights. However, they’re not interested in doing so because it would cost them too much money. News is already breaking about how the airlines are complaining about giving refunds since the UK (and the rest of the world) are telling people not to fly.

Cuomo, too, is only looking out for himself. He’s not actually looking at banning all flights from the UK for the good of Americans. He wants to ensure that his book is going to continue to sell. After all, his book is all about how amazingly he handled the pandemic. It’s going so well for New York right now, right?

Flights are coming in from the UK in every major city every day – Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and the list goes on.

If we really want to avoid a lockdown, we have to get better at just following the rules. Mask up so we can maintain our freedoms. And please, stop comparing us to the UK because they’re clearly struggling, too.