Slash Your Electric Bill With This Program

Seniors who live in qualified zip codes across the country are slashing their monthly electric bill by taking advantage of these special programs and going solar.

With new tax credits and state incentive rebate programs available, you can upgrade to solar for $0 down and no out of pocket expenses. This makes going solar a no-brainer decision for many who were interested in having solar panels installed before, but we’re worried about the costs involved.

Not only will going solar help you save money monthly, but this new upgrade can help increase the value of your home. The average house price in New Jersey sold for over $32,000 more after switching to solar.

To see what solar programs are available for you, follow this easy 2 step process.

Step 1: Select your state below

Step 2: Input your zip code and complete the short questionnaire to see what qualify for now

See If Your Zip Code Is Part Of The Program »

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