SpaceX Ready To Send the First Starship Into Space

Karolis Kavolelis/
Karolis Kavolelis/

There is a lot of things happening in the world that seem like things are out of control. The nasty Democrats and their slave media would never want a story to be told about the private successes of entrepreneurs making considerable advances because of the hard work they have put into their private corporations. The American Dream has allowed Elon Musk to rise to the top of the financial world and accomplish what many think only governments could do.

Elon Musk is the SpaceX chief executive, and he has announced that the company plans on launching the first “starship” into space. This is a launch that many thought would be impossible to accomplish. But for Elon Musk, the impossible is what makes life fun in America. He wants to prove that any person can achieve the impossible if they are willing to put the work into making it happen.

Musk stated in an interview with the National Academy of Sciences that “a lot of risk associated with this first launch, so I would not say that it is likely to be successful, but we’ll make a lot of progress.” Musk knows that failure leads to success. Something that the Democrats fail to understand, and they want to force success at all costs.

The Associated Press reported that “Musk said he’s confident Starship — launching for the first time atop a mega booster — will successfully reach orbit sometime in 2022. After a dozen or so orbital test flights next year, SpaceX then would start launching valuable satellites and other payloads to orbit on Starships in 2023. NASA has contracted with SpaceX to use Starship for delivering astronauts to the lunar surface as early as 2025. Musk plans to use the reusable ships to eventually land people on Mars.”

A private citizen is doing what the government has failed to do, and that is moving out into space. Musk’s goal is to see 1,000 Starships developed to make it possible to travel in space.

Musk’s vision of inter-space travel is just one of many visions that become a reality when the Democrats keep their noses out of the private sector and stop over-regulating the industry. Every time a Republican sits in the White House, industry and innovation excel, and great things happen. But when a Democrat sits there, everything comes to a grinding halt.

The craft Musk wants to send to space can lift 220,000 pounds of craft. The rocket is 400 feet tall and is currently under preparation for launch. The Federal Communications Commission has stated that “The Starship Orbital test flight will originate from Starbase, TX. The Booster stage will separate approximately 170 seconds into flight. The Booster will then perform a partial return and land in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 20 miles from the shore. The Orbital Starship will continue on flying between the Florida Straits. It will achieve orbit until performing a powered, targeted landing approximately 100km (~62 miles) off the northwest coast of Kauai in a soft ocean landing.”

SpaceX is not gridlocked like some other space programs around the world. Musk wants to see a system that allows for the reuse of rocket technology instead of ditching the used rocket into the ocean. His current design allows rocket systems to land on platforms in the ocean to be used again.

SpaceX has assumed the role of putting people and satellites into orbit, and NASA has taken a backseat in the space race ever since it scrapped its shuttle program. The need for better spacecraft has pushed the innovation of such craft to the general public. And Elon Musk was in the position to make it happen.

Musk has used the American Dream and opportunities in America to make the impossible happen. Space Capital is a firm that has invested in the early-stage space technology that has made the impossible a reality. And they have noted that investments in the space agency are going through the roof. More people realize that the future of America lies in the ingenuity of people that are free to use their imaginations without liberal interference.