Southern Border Crisis Is Worse Than Liberals Would Like To Admit

Vic Hinterlang/

Joe Biden is reluctant, to tell the truth about anything. The crisis at the southern border is the one thing that he wishes would be forgotten. But it is an issue that cannot be ignored because it is always in the public’s eye. The media refuses to report on the seriousness of the border invasion, but some people can still tell the truth by using other means.

A liberal controlled by Joe Biden runs the Department of Homeland Security. The Daily Wire found out that Reuters wrote that 9,000 arrests per day.

“The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden grappled with a record-breaking 1.7 million border arrests last fiscal year, which ended on Sept. 30. According to government statistics, in July 2021 – the peak of last year’s rise – daily migrant arrests averaged about 6,500. The nearly unprecedented number of arrests, which included many repeat crossers, caused backups of unaccompanied children in crowded border patrol stations….”

Biden and his crew refuse to admit the staggering numbers. His puppet Alejandro Mayorkas that is supposed to protect the country, has failed to do his job correctly. The very idea that a socialist supporter would ever want to protect America is laughable. And when the time came to report on the numbers, they waited until the last moment to let the truth out.

Biden and his administration must release data that reveals just how messed up the southern border has become. The agents that protect the border know the truth, but Biden keeps things so tightly wrapped up that no one knows precisely what is happening.

The country deserves the right to know that the borders are protected. But when Biden tells people that things are under control, the numbers tell a different story. The number of illegal crossings has increased in recent months.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency revealed that “The number of unique individuals encountered in December 2021 was 135,040, a 5 percent increase in the number of unique individuals encountered the prior month. In total, there were 178,840 encounters along the Southwest land border in December, a 2 percent increase compared to November.”

Joe Biden and his administration refuse to admit that the illegal crossings continue to get worse. And the longer he sits in an office, the bolder the illegals will get to forge ahead and continue the push to enter the country illegally.

The open border is the perfect gateway for terrorists and criminals to march right into the country and engages in illegal activity. The hundreds of thousands of people that keep pouring into the country illegally do not care about the laws of the land. All they want to do is take what is not theirs to have and abuse the freedoms guaranteed by legal citizens.

Donald Trump had the border under control and was taking steps to secure it when the Democrats made the bold move and cheated at the election. Joe Biden’s first action was to repeal all of the effective measures that were in place to protect people. He ordered the border open and secretly told the illegals to start forming their caravans again.

Millions of illegals have poured over the border to board the busses and planes that Biden has sitting in place to fill with these people in the past year. He takes them to the night, transports them secretly to the interior, and lets them out to infiltrate the public. Biden is assisting in the takeover of the country.

In just 12 months, the Biden administration has helped over two million people engage the southern border. Joe Biden’s plan to flood the country with illegals is just another part of his plan to tear down America. If he can get enough illegals into the country and get them to be able to vote, he can control the future of all elections. But he needs millions more to come north to get them stationed in the country and hidden from the border agents. Joe Biden and his socialist regime want to destroy the country, and they are going to do whatever they can to make it happen.