Southern Border Conflict Continues to Divide Democratic Party into Faction Cells


The Mexican border continues to present itself as a significant problem for every Democrat. A record number of illegals continue to press their way into the country without opposition, all because Joe Biden welcomes them with open arms. The sticky situation that Biden has created is doing more harm than good for his political team. The Democratic Party is fractured to breaking all because of the border crisis.

The president’s ultimate goal is to remove Title 42, which has given border agents the power to turn away migrants. His reluctance to secure the border has led many of his supporters to abandon their support of any immigration laws and other bills he needs to pass.

Biden made the border a key issue during his first few days in the White House. He wanted to grant citizenship to all illegals residing in the country. But the Democrats squandered their control of Washington by engaging in frivolous fights and backbiting each other so that they could get what they wanted.

The split over the border is deep and wide. Biden and a waning group of supporters stand on one side of the issue. And on the other side are the Democrats who side with Republicans. They demand that Biden take a stand like a grown-up and secure the border. The southern border has hurt the Democrats, and several of them will struggle to get votes during the midterm elections because of what Biden has done to the country.

Politico reported that “come home empty-handed, I don’t think it’s going to help the situation,” Correa said.

While Biden sought to avoid repeating some Obama-era mistakes on immigration, his White House has faced a slew of setbacks both in court and on the Hill. Most recently, progressives hailed his administration’s decision to end what’s now known as Title 42 — a Trump-era order that cited the pandemic to immediately expel nearly 1.8 million migrants at the southern border, including asylum seekers — only to see swift blowback in the party and a federal judge temporarily block the move.”

Biden refuses to listen to members of his political party. The ones that want a secure border are telling the president to push back against the migrants, or the issue will have terrible consequences for Democrats across the country. Voters are casting their support behind people that want to protect the country and not tear it down like Biden wants to do.

Marielena Hincapie is the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. She stated that “The fact that the Biden administration initially said they were going to terminate it but yet have kept it in place for over a year is deeply concerning.” She has recognized how much the president says one thing and then does another. The man is a liar and cannot tell the truth even if the world’s end is at stake.

The Democrats also blame each other for not being able to pass legislation coming out of the White House. Many of them feel that the moderate Democrats are Republican sellouts because they refuse to support Biden’s socialist campaign. But those moderates know that any socialistic bill passed would mean significant trouble for them down the road.

Progressive Democrats and all those who fill in the ranks believe that immigration reform needs to be passed before losing their window of opportunity. But the issue is that none of them can agree on what that immigration law should look like. They are all selfish enough that they are unwilling to support any bill that does not give them what they want.

The president is from a time when compromise was an option. The teaching has finally caught up with the liberal party and has fractured it at the core. But the younger Democrats have been brainwashed by his generation never to give in and never support any idea that does not advance the liberal agenda.

Americans want a unified country. And the only unified political party is the Republican Party. The midterm elections will turn America red with conservatism because people are tired of how the Democratic Party is treating them.