So a Catholic Judge Is Bad but a Catholic President Is Ok?

“But, she’s Catholic!” This seems to be the biggest problem that the Democrats have with Amy Coney Barrett.

As the Supreme Court Justice nominee that Trump has named, Barrett has a long list of qualifications. She graduated at the top of her class at Notre Dame and she even worked with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Supreme Court Justices may have a reputation for being liberal or conservative, but religion shouldn’t be taken into consideration. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Jewish, but nobody held it over her head.

The Dems seem to be stuck on the fact that she’s catholic. They believe that’s going to be very bad. They worry that she’ll let her faith guide her instead of her legal prowess.

She’s explained that she’s an originalist. This is a school of legal thought that maintains rigorous adherence to the Constitution’s text. She has already vowed to interpret the Constitution and the laws as they are written. The Dems seem to be confused – she will have no say over policy. Instead, she’ll only be interpreting the laws once they have been written.

But, she’s catholic. This seems to be the issue they really can’t shake.

Has no one told the Dems that keep repeating this that they are also pushing Joe Biden on us all? Joe Biden has been touting that he’s a catholic for a few months now. Kamala Harris gave an award-winning performance during the VP debate where she got teary-eyed for a moment.

She shed a single tear as she declared that Joe Biden would be only the second Catholic president (JFK was the first and only, to date) in the U.S. So, that’s suddenly supposed to make us all want to vote for him over Trump?

All of a sudden, Biden has decided to be catholic. Perhaps he always was, but we’re hearing a lot about his religion as we get closer to the polls.

The current First Lady of the United States is also catholic. Being catholic isn’t reserved for one party or another. Melania Trump made history by being the second first lady since Jackie Kennedy.

We can’t get too excited about Biden being catholic. It’s nothing too special. Biden’s also not catholic in good standing. Cardinal Raymond Burke has said that Biden should not approach to receive Holy Communion – and that’s because of his stance on abortion.

So, why is it that the Democrats are so hell-bent on not having a catholic Supreme Court Justice but are totally fine with a Catholic president?

The American Bar Association has a liberal lean, and even they rated Judge Barrett as “well qualified” to serve in the position.

When Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to the US Court of Appeals, the Democratic senators in 2017 couldn’t find fault with her qualifications. Only now, they don’t want to go through with the confirmation hearing…because she’s Catholic?

Her faith hasn’t changed. It’s as if it’s the only thing that they can grasp onto because they simply don’t want Trump to be able to appoint another Supreme Court judge.

The Dems want to say that Judge Barrett’s catholic faith should prevent her from serving. The problem is that such an argument is only going to come back to haunt them.

If they don’t like the conservatism of a catholic, they have to look at what the difference is between what a judge can do and what a president can do.

Saying no to Judge Amy Coney Barrett while saying yes to Joe Biden shows the ignorance of the Democratic Party.

Judge Barrett cannot make policies. She can only interpret the laws written. Meanwhile, Biden can make policies.

Clearly, the Dems are confused. They don’t know what they’re saying anymore. The only thing they can all seem to agree on is that if Trump is the one saying something or nominating someone, they’ll hate it on general principle.