Senator Issues Grave Warning About Inflation and the Biden Administration


Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) went on the offensive against President Biden and inflation on April 3rd. His statements on ABC News “This Week” were incredibly damning to the administration. This no-holds-barred attack on his policies isn’t surprising, as Biden has not been keeping his word, and is more worried about foreign interests than those here at home. These kinds of policies are exactly why Sen. Blunt needed to speak up.

The biggest political issue in the country today is clearly inflation. People are seeing not only gas prices at astronomical levels, and they were, by the way, at that unacceptable levels long before Putin did anything regarding Ukraine. They went up almost every day beginning not just the day after the president was inaugurated, but the day after he was elected as people are seeing what was going to happen with his energy policies. And commodity prices are high as 20% in some cases.”

This kind of inflation is not something the American people will stand for. They have debts to pay, and unlike this administration and their cronies, they want to be able to handle them on their own. Not from government programs with a massive overreach that they cannot tolerate. Americans have long been regarded as being able to stand on their own. A beacon of light for what freedom is to the rest of the globe.

Over the years people like President Biden have sought to extinguish that flame and keep the people pushed down and treated like servants. They believe that slowly crept in socialism is the key when it has been proven to be an utter failure for anyone who isn’t at the top of politics. People like Biden, AOC, and the rest of the left. If they are the ones getting socialism in, they will be the ones keeping themselves in power.

So, when someone like Sen. Blunt speaks up, people need to step back and listen. He has seen what can happen when inflation goes too high, and when the wrong people are left in power. President Biden has already demonstrated that he is all in favor of pushing inflation sky high and that he is the wrong man for the job. Despite this, the American people have yet to do anything about it.

Continuing with his message, Sen. Blunt issued a warning about the massive hole Democrat spending put us in, the conflict and great leadership from Ukraine, and the pending confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. His words about the situation in Ukraine were the most telling of how deep his introspective of the situation is.

What would be interesting I think would be to know whether Putin was more surprised by the incredible resistance of the Ukrainians, the rallying around of NATO to the original and unified purpose of NATO, particularly the German change in attitude, or how poorly his own military has performed. I’m sure he’s surprised by all three of those, and frankly, I think we’ve been surprised by all three of those.”

Surprised is the understatement of the year. Between the previous assessments of the Russian military, the posturing of President Putin, the lack of military structure in Ukraine, and the lack of a track record with their President, nobody expected this kind of resistance. Their resolve, ability to commit to the fight, and to see it through are nothing short of amazing. Biden on the other hand would never get people to line up and stand behind him. Stand behind the nation, sure. Then again, unlike in Ukraine, Biden nor any of the other politicians would be out there short of someone like Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). He’s already given an eye for this country, so you know he’d be out there. Too bad we cannot say the same about other political leaders.