Sen Tom Cotton Takes Out the Associated Press For Their Close Association With Terrorists

In a time of striking disagreement, division, and disillusionment with much of what is proposed as fact in the United States today, the one thing everyone agrees on is that they’re being lied to. Like, a lot. Some think the lies are coming from one place, some think it’s another, but the universal truth is that no one feels confident they’re receiving accurate reporting on the most controversial issues.

Sen. Tom Cotton had the same feeling, and he decided to take The Associated Press to task over their portrayal of a defensive move made by Israel in their ongoing effort to push back the Hamas terror group attacking their country.

According to The New York Post, Cotton called out the AP on Monday after they reported that Israeli airstrike took out a building that housed both their wire service’s Gaza City bureau as well as Hamas military intelligence facilities.

“Why is the Associated Press sharing a building with Hamas?” Cotton asked on the Senate floor during remarks about the fighting that has raged since May 10.

“Surely these ‘intrepid reporters’ knew who their neighbors were,” Cotton continued before asking: “Did they knowingly allow themselves to be used as human shields by a US-designated terrorist organization? Did AP pull its punches and decline to report for years on Hamas’ misdeeds? I submit that the AP has some uncomfortable questions to answer.”

The Associated Press, along with many others in the field of media and news and reporting has been patiently unkind to the nation of Israel during their coverage of the ongoing conflict, something that Cotton went after without pulling any punches.

The Arkansas Republican called the airstrike against the terrorist group “wholly appropriate.”

“Leave it to whiny reporters to make themselves the story and the victim when terrorists are shooting missiles at innocent civilians,” he concluded.

This assessment comes on the heels of AP President Gary Pruitt calling for an independent investigation into the Saturday airstrike.

“As we have said, we have no indication of a Hamas presence in the building, nor were we warned of any such possible presence before the airstrike,” Pruitt said in a statement. “This is something we check as best we can. We do not know what the Israeli evidence [of the Hamas presence] shows, and we want to know.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement about the attack on Saturday saying that the tower taken out was being used by Hamas military intelligence and “was not an innocent building.”

While complaints on the part of the media are not new to anyone living in the United States today, what makes this story even more unreasonable is that everyone in the building got an hour’s notice from the Israeli military to get out of the area.

Republicans such as Cotton have stood with the American allies, while some of the most progressive Democrats have decided to side with the so-called Palestinians who are backing the terror group.

Conservatives have long since realized they cannot trust the AP as far as its bias toward the liberal agenda. It’s not difficult to report the facts in such a way that the reader is still deceived, and the associated press, despite their long and illustrious history as being a premier wire service in the United States, has fallen prey to that same game.

There is a lot of mind trickery that can happen, both in Washington D.C. and in our own homes watching the news, but when we find ourselves facing where the rubber meets the road, the people who are faced with death over ideology, the ones who have to fight for survival, will warn you that the worst is coming, and then defend their own, regardless of what whiny liberals might have to say about it. It’s a message Americans could learn from.