See Ya! Judges Rule to Deport Hundreds of Thousands

There’s been an illegal alien problem looming over the country far too long. Hundreds of thousands have been living in the country illegally simply because they came here to get away from a natural disaster in their home country. When the coast was clear, they were supposed to return home. Instead, they stayed.

Now, Trump is ready to make a move on the problem – and he’s got the support of judges. With a positive ruling, he may make history with a deportation case of epic proportions.

The liberals, of course, are screaming. They want illegal aliens in the country because it offers them more numbers. More potential for voter fraud and more chances of them getting more Representatives in the House.

It’s funny how they didn’t mind the number of deportations that Obama was responsible for, earning him the nickname Deporter in Chief. As much as the liberals want to scream about what Trump is doing, Obama had very similar views when it came to unauthorized border crossings and the removal of those who did not belong in the U.S.

A 2-1 ruling within the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has authorized the Trump Administration to start to proceedings to deport as many as 300,000 illegal aliens who are from El Salvador. These illegal aliens have been given “temporary protected status” for nearly 20 years.

The law that protected them was passed by Congress in 1990 when the conditions of El Salvador prompted many to flee and be protected in the U.S. However, the law also allows the Department of Homeland Security to review the conditions of the home country from time to time. Guess what? It’s safe for them to return – and that means that their TPS status has ended.

Once the administrative order was issued, plaintiffs filed a suit within the Northern District of California to prohibit DHS from carrying out the order. Although a US District Court Judge agreed with the plaintiffs, the higher courts eliminated that injunction. One reason is that the judge didn’t have the jurisdiction to review such immigration orders.

This is a big win within the Ninth Circuit – and it’s the second one within a month.

Now, the Ninth Circuit has a total of 29 judges. The Dems can’t say that it’s stacked in Trump’s favor, either. 9 were appointed by Clinton and 7 were appointed by Obama. That’s a majority of the judges being appointed by Dems. The remainder includes 3 placed by Bush and 10 placed by Trump.

With the possibility of 300,000 illegal aliens returning to El Salvador, it can mean great things for the economy. Many illegal aliens don’t pay taxes. They live off the welfare system as leeches, making it harder to care for the hard-working Americans who are here legally.

While it’s unclear as to how many of the illegal aliens that came over nearly 20 years are actually tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, the reality is that they were granted “temporary” protection – and that temporary protection is now up.

Really, it’s the Dems’ fault if they want someone to blame. It’s because of their consistent argument that they don’t want judges to have term limits. As such, within the Ninth Circuit, many of the senior judges are “semi-retired.” Unless they choose to step down and officially retire, their positions cannot be replaced. With many judges well into their 70s and being appointed by Clinton, it means that the judges should retire – but to do that would mean that Trump would be appointing judges. So, the Dems have to deal with the judges that are randomly assigned to the cases – like this one.

The Court really isn’t as slanted to the liberals as they would like it to be. Now, Trump gets to make his move to deport hundreds of thousands who should have been deported years ago. The hard truth is that Obama still had more deportations, racking up a total number of more than 2.5 million. So, really, 300,000 is chump change.