Secondary Infections in Children Being Blamed on COVID-19 but Some Are Not So Sure

The Chinese government’s COVID-19 virus given to the world has caused unmeasurable damage. People lost loved ones to death, and many more suffer from ongoing secondary-related issues. But with all the turmoil surrounding the virus, one breakout in Europe and the United States seems to trump them all. Liver disease is making its way through children, and no one knows why.

Infectious diseases are terrible and cause many people to fear contracting them. But when 74 cases of liver disease related to hepatitis show up that are not being caused by the typical range of viral agents, people begin to fear a new mysterious virus.

The hepatitis infections are being blamed on the COVID-19 virus. Some people are looking at other viral agents and even environmental issues. But the same issue continues to spread, and no one seems to have the answers. The new outbreak slams the idea that Democrats have the answers to everything because it reminds everyone that no one is truly in control of everything.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control claims that several cases have been found in several countries. And the United States is pointing out that there were at least nine cases across the ocean. The only common factor in all the cases is that COVID-19 had swept through the regions at one point in time.

Graham Cooks is a professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College in London. He stated that “Mild hepatitis is very common in children following a range of viral infections, but what is being seen at the moment is quite different.” Each case has a different range of care needed, but the initial infection is the same. And no one seems to know how it is happening and why it is on the younger kids being affected.

Cooke also mentioned that he does not think it was COVID-19 that caused the infection in all the kids. He stated that “If the hepatitis was a result of COVID it would be surprising not to see it more widely distributed across the country given the high prevalence of (COVID-19) at the moment.” And even the disease center in Europe would echo the exact idea regarding the new outbreak.

Scientists in Great Britain are a little more optimistic in that they think the cause is the adenovirus. This group of viral infections was making its way around Europe while COVID-19 was trying to make its comeback. And in all the United States cases, the kids tested positive for the adenovirus.

The Democrats would have everyone believe that the COVID-19 virus is the leading cause of all other health issues. During the initial stages of the pandemic, all other illnesses seemed to phase out as one liberal after another tried to blame every single death on the COVID-19 virus. And so far, no one is taking credit for manipulating the data or facts related to the coronavirus.

Others continue to claim that adenovirus is very common in kids and might not be the cause of the liver disease showing up in the kids. But in every case in America, that viral family was present.

Other health experts claim that a genetic study is needed to determine what is happening with these children. There are so many factors affecting the results that what is causing the illness is unclear.

One thing is sure is that given enough infections, Joe Biden will find some way of making people all around the country obey a new set of mandates. The Democrats need these kinds of stories so they can perpetuate a narrative of destruction if things do not change the way they want them to.

But sometimes, a virus is just a virus that will run its course and then disappear. There is no measure of control that will ever contain a virus. But anyone who tells that truth to a Democrat will look like they are crazy.