Seattle’s First Black Female Police Chief Makes Monster Announcement After Council Bows to BLM

The Democrats once praised Police Chief Carmen Best for being the first African American woman to be the police chief in Seattle. The once-heralded the moment as the greatest thing to hit the city since sliced bread. But now they are cheering her on as they cut her salary by half and laugh as she resigns her position.

The nasty Democrats are terrible when it comes to long term support. Their allegiance shifts with the wind of popularity. Best was once popular as she stood on the platform with her Democratic owners as they praised her for being a person of color. They supported her until BLM came on the scene and demanded her paycheck.

Her resignation is just the latest failure to hit Seattle. Her letter stated that this was a very “difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time.” She tried to leave on a good note by wishing that they force would weather the difficult times that lay ahead because of the cowardly Democrats on the city council.

Best has served the city for over 30 years. But this time the liberals have gone too far. The city’s leadership has bowed to the pressures of the minority. They should have stood strong and told the terrorists that they would not be getting what they were demanding.

There are some that they believe this is the council’s way of punishing best for being outspoken against their plan to defund the police force. Greedy Democrats wanted her out, so they took away her ability to earn a living by taking her money. There was no reason to hit Best in the pocketbook except to oust her as the police chief. This way they can install someone willing to do their bidding.

The police will have difficult times ahead as they try and protect a city full of liberal criminals. If Black Lives Matter so much, then there should be a massive outcry over the treatment of Best by her white captures on the city council. But there has been only silence.

The agenda of the BLM is not about saving lives. It is about pushing the liberal agenda ahead of the coming election. Once the election is over they will disappear until needed again in four years. And then the world can expect a new virus to sweep the earth since it happens every four years right before a major American election.

The hateful progressives sitting on the board hatted Best for her support of the police. BLM hated her for not joining the demonic cause to defund the department. So, they all went after her with a vengeance. They chewed her up and spit her on the ground.

Since mayor Jenny Durkan and the other liberals supported the takeover by the terrorist’s crime has risen by 525 percent. Without the support of civic leaders, Best and the other police officers could not handle the terrorists flooding the city. Durkan should have asked for federal troops to fight the terrorists and their attacks on law and order.

The city council will undoubtedly install one of their own who is willing to play along as the police force is taken apart. Violent crime has already taken the lives of many people that simply want to go home after work. BLM is now running Seattle. They have enslaved the white leadership and have brainwashed them into their violent camp.

What is being seen in Seattle is a picture of how socialists will treat people that do not agree with their evil ways. They will pressure them into quitting or at least make them disappear like what happens in communist China. The goal of BLM and the progressives is to enslave more people of color into believing that they are being cared about.

It would be within Best’s legal right to sue the city for racial profiling and illegal treatment. All Best was doing was looking out for the people of Seattle when the leadership stopped. Her mission to protect and serve was greater than her political views.