Schumer Tries to Double Down on Trying to Stop SCOTUS Nomination

Chuck Schumer is the epitome of reckless behavior. He plays politics with the American people as though we are all just pawn in his game of chess. He focuses on what’s best for him rather than what’s best for America – and now, because he’s realizing that a GOP SCOTUS pick will make it into the Supreme Court, he wants to create waves.

“Stop this reckless Supreme Court nomination, it’s too dangerous.”

Come on, Chuck. You’re going to have to do better than that. His argument is that with COVID ripping through Capitol Hill, it’s simply not a good idea to let the Senate convene.

But, that’s not really what he’s saying. Both the House and Senate are actively going. There are committee meetings scheduled over the next two weeks. Yet, when it comes to moving forward with the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, it is suddenly too reckless.

Schumer wants to put the SCOTUS nomination on hold. He also wants “thorough” COVID testing for the entire Senate. Out of 100 senators, 3 have tested positive. However, President Trump himself has shown that a positive test isn’t a death sentence. Only a very small percentage of Americans actually die from COVID – and, therefore, we cannot allow it to dictate the government.

Schumer is, essentially, asking for the government to be put on hiatus while we deal with the pandemic. The problem is that it’s not that simple. We need a fully functioning government at all times. Elections are less than five weeks away – and knowing that there are going to be issues with the results means that there needs to be a complete panel of nine in the Supreme Court. To do otherwise is irresponsible.

Two of the senators that have tested positive, Republicans Mike Lee and Thom Tillis have been optimistic. Their symptoms are mild and they have continued to stay positive about joining their colleagues to confirm Judge Barrett.

Chuck Schumer is allowing his desperation to get the best of him. His tweets sound as though he’s on the edge of hysterics, having a breakdown about the possibility of a GOP win for the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, his party’s candidate actually had the nerve to talk about stacking the Supreme Court if they were to get into power.

There’s nothing reckless about moving forward with the SCOTUS nomination because it’s vital that the Supreme Court of the United States has nine judges. Otherwise, it’s an even number and there is no one to break a tie. Similarly, there are still nearly five weeks until the election. If only three senators have COVID, they’ll be recovered within the next week or two, making it possible to move forward with the confirmation hearing.

The only one being reckless is Chuck Schumer – and he’s likely only doing so because his counterpart in the House, Nancy Pelosi, is having a complete meltdown because she’s not able to control anything that happens in the Senate. She wants to get her way, and she’s still reeling that Trump has survived the pandemic.

Schumer and Pelosi may just have to sit back and watch as Amy Coney Barrett gets placed into the position. With the Senate having a GOP majority, there’s nothing that Schumer can do to stall this any longer than he already has. The Senate is moving forward as the law allows them to do because it is the only way to ensure that there is a fully functioning government at all times.

Someone needs to remind Schumer that he’s working for the United States. It’s what the people want. The people have voted in a GOP Senate and a GOP president. Therefore, it shows that there is also the trust that they will take care of everything – and vote in a GOP SCOTUS pick. Schumer is on the losing side at the moment, and he’ll have to save his temper tantrum for another day.