The First TX Dem Gets an Arrest Warrant Issued on Them

The Democrats that escaped out of Texas for a social justice-focused vacation are about to reap what they sow. They didn’t actually think they coul ...Read More

Fauci Finally Gets Devastating News Americans Have Demanded

More than a year after Americans were first introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci we get the news that the White House coronavirus task force doctor is f ...Read More

Adam Schiff Fakes Tears at the First Day of January 6 Hearings

The Capital riots from July 6 are at the top of the importance list for the silly Democrats. The word that describes them the best is “hypocritical ...Read More

Could Obama Have Stopped COVID-19? Signs Point to Yes

COVID-19 may have come out of Wuhan, China, but there are other parts of the world that were aware of what was going on in those labs. As early as ...Read More

Biden’s Border Patrol Agents are Adding to the Spread of COVID

Quick, everyone mask up! The Biden administration is suddenly very upset about the recent outbreak of COVID cases in the U.S., particularly as the ...Read More

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Don’t Listen to the Dems, Here’s the Truth on the TX Voter Bill

The only thing that most Americans have heard is that Texas Democrats left the state so that the state legislature couldn’t meet quorum to vote on ...Read More

Iranian Defector Dedicates Olympic Medal to Israel and Thanks Country in Hebrew

Saeid Mollaei is now an Olympic silver medalist in the sport of judo. He is also a defector from Iran who dedicated his prize medal to the nation o ...Read More

Sob Story for Texas Democrats as They Are Given Care Packages for Victimizing Themselves

The Democratic Party sees itself as the righteous Pharisees of the modern-day world. In their eyes, they are always right and could not possibly do ...Read More

Tucker Carlson Proven Right – NSA Confirms

Fox News Tucker Carlson was vindicated just days ago when it was finally confirmed that what he had been saying about being spied on was actually t ...Read More

Budget Procedures are Turning into a Feast for Immigrants

The Dems are showing that they have the power. Rather than focusing on a budget that would make sense for Americans, they’re letting the immigrants ...Read More

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