Russia and China Have Fallen in Deep ‘Strategic Convergence’ According to Australia


The idea of Russia and China teaming up has been a deep fear since the Cold War. Putting these two together would create one massive military, and between the resolve of the Russians, the technology of the Chinese, and the numbers in the ranks would present a massive problem for nearly any country to stand up to. Now as the Australian government warns of the relationship between the two, the world is now on its toes.

Director general of the Office of National Intelligence, Andrew Shearer appeared at a conference put on by the Australian Financial Review. His comments at the gathering should leave people across the globe concerned. “We’re going to have to work much harder to maintain the liberal quality of the rules-based order in Europe and here in the Indo-Pacific region. We see a leader who’s really battening down and hardening his country for this struggle to overtake the United States as the world’s leading power.”

Naturally, the man he is speaking of is none other than China’s President Xi Jinping. This man has been making friends across the globe with anybody who opposes democracy, the US, or the idea of people being free. His mission is to have everything in the world, and the first step is by establishing his relationships within the pacific. He’s already comfortable enough with North Korea as they would gladly jump in to help if things went sideways. Now you add in Russia, Venezuela, and possibly even Iran, and you have some serious evil going on.

Meanwhile, our spineless excuse of a President refuses to do anything to help these situations. Between his denial of a problem even existing, and his involvement with its creation is incredibly disturbing. He should not only know better, but he has a responsibility to do better. Better by the American people, better by the globe.

As Shearer went on, he explained how the Australian economy needs to shift, but that they need to be careful and seal up their cyber defenses. Given the history of Chine to use cyber-attacks on its foes, as well as its overall strength in electronics and cyber warfare, it’s something the globe should not only be aware of but prepared for.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman at the Chinese ministry spoke with reporters after these comments. While he claimed to have not heard them, he had a message of his own. “Ignorance of Australia’s commitment to non-proliferation… This is what is truly troubling for the region.” The commitment he referenced is a big one for Australia.

The AUKUS agreement is a trilateral agreement between Australia, England, and the US. This agreement allows the three to share technology, and Australia will end up creating at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. This action as allies is something that the Chinese and the Russians have both found threatening, much like they see NATO.

Seeing the world through the eyes of someone on their own and always on the defensive is a very meek and depressing viewpoint. They cannot see beyond their own reasons to want an attack and their legacy. They don’t feel respected or ready to be heard by anyone other than themselves. This inadequacy is something China has been coping with for some time now, and their posturing along with their support of NK should be troubling to nearly every nation on the planet.

Especially those in the pacific region. As the years go by, the odds of the two teaming up for an attack seem to increase. While NK may be the overanxious little brother, their willingness to do the extreme keeps them around. Add in the relationship with Russia, and there is not a country on the planet that should not be at least a little concerned. Relationships like these always end violently, with little warning, and at a great cost. Just ask anyone who got divorced.