Ron DeSantis Gets the Best Shot Against Biden, by the Way, He Signed the Latest Bill

By Leonard Zhukovsky
By Leonard Zhukovsky

Ron DeSantis is the master at combatting the lies and poison flowing out of the president’s office. The people are sick and tired of the mandates and stripping away of freedoms related to a pandemic that has long been over.

The nation has already moved forward from the real pandemic, but Biden wants to keep the nation swimming in the stew pot of grime. The Democrats are all about power and control, and they need the pandemic to justify control.

DeSantis promised Floridians that he and the state legislature would fight every illegal mandate from the president’s office. The latest bill that he signed keeps the vaccine mandate from affecting businesses in the state. And the significant part about the signing is where the bill was signed.

The governor went to Brandon, Florida, to sign the bill. And, of course, the “Let’s go, Brandon” statement rings loud and clear. DeSantis sent two messages to the president with this one signing of a bill that stiff-arms the president’s overreach of power.

DeSantis stated very clearly that “We’re really excited to be here, especially because when I sign this legislation today, we hear so much about all these things: mandates, restrictions, tearing people down. Today, we lift people up. We provide protections for people: no nurse, no firefighter, no police officer, no trucker, no anybody should lose their job because of these COVID jabs.”

People can rest assured that their jobs are secure in Florida. The president of the United States does not have the power to order citizens around. The Democrats commonly think that people should submit to them simply because they are in office. But being in the office means the liberals serve the people.

Florida has passed a law that is unmatched anywhere in the country. Freedom matters to people, and every elected official must protect the precious freedoms that millions have died to protect throughout the nation’s long history.

The governor’s opposition came out and tried to confuse the situation by claiming, “You believed these were bad for Floridians. But cities like Tampa and St. Pete have tried to (unintelligible) policies you’ve made that they think are bad for them. Why is it okay for you to violate the conservative tenet of home rule but it’s bad when the Biden administration —” stated one reporter in attendance.

But DeSantis cut to the chase with the nasty reply and pointed out that conservatism is more than a local belief, and it is part of the nation as a whole. And it is up to the people that believe in freedom to stand in the way of liberals pressing the notion that telling the people what to do is fine. It will never be acceptable to dictate what people can do with their lives in America.

DeSantis pointed out that “I hear people talk about, “They do things in the military.” Yeah, when I was in the military, they used to give me all kinds of stuff. … But that’s much different than regulating the military and then imposing it on citizens in society.

It’s never been done before; they don’t have the power to do it; there’s no federal police power; states have the police power. So that’s from a Constitutional perspective. It is worlds, worlds apart.

There has never been a political party that has tried so hard to force private citizens to obey this generation of liberals. Their boldness and atrocious mindset have polluted the landscape so that their followers blindly move through life being told what to do with their lives.