RINO Goes on Television to Smash Mask Mandate – Conservatives Shocked

Republicans, in an effort to show a united front, have sometimes stood by while the loudest, and not always the most cooperative, among the party speaks out. It’s sometimes a necessary evil for the health and well-being of the group so that political opponents can’t use infighting as a way to divide and conquer.

Where to draw the line on who gets to speak for Republicans and who should be thought of as their own “free agent” is a question that many from the Grand Old Party ask themselves, especially when dealing with a RINO (Republican in name only). And no one defined the term for this generation better than the McCains.

Even though the late Sen. John McCain is no longer with us, his wife and daughter have taken up his mantel with daughter Meghan McCain maintaining a high profile public life as a co-host on ABC’s “The View.” McCain calls herself the voice of Republicans but often doesn’t even agree with her one conservative co-host or the right-leaning guests brought on by the group.

However, despite her own liberal leanings, and despite many conservatives, general frustration with the way she represents the right, McCain and the GOP were united on this: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) is overstepping and the federal government doesn’t have the right to tell people to cover their faces.

McCain called the CDC’s new guidelines “stupid” during the last week’s edition of “The View,” as the panel weighed in on the wearing of masks again in indoor spaces. The conversation was brought on by concern that another strain of COVID-19 is spreading throughout the nation, despite promises that heat would decrease the likelihood of the virus spreading.

According to the Independent Journal Review, When asked for her take, McCain explained, “When the mask mandate was reenacted in D.C., I was surprised because D.C. has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country as well as having one of the lowest hospitalization and death rates.” She added, “If you are going to enact these mandates in a place like D.C., then if D.C. isn’t good enough in any of this, then I guess no other state will.”

McCain, who is from Arizona, cited a law signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) which states that there will be no mask mandate and no vaccine passports in his state, per the constitutional rights of citizens governed by this nation’s founding documents.

While McCain said that she understood that “following the science is important,” she also added, “Look. I think this is stupid. I don’t want to wear a mask anymore. I will because I have to, and ABC mandates it now back in this company,” she said before pondering what all this means for the future saying, “I wonder what’s going to happen going into the fall as the regular flu comes along with obviously more and more variants?”

The daytime television host said that she believes most of America doesn’t want to live under the restrictions that have divided citizens, and essentially that they don’t care whether the people on that panel judge their decisions, saying restrictive mandates are forcing many to move to states where they have more liberty.

“…they are willing to take the risk and live in a state that is freer and then we’ll see other people that are more comfortable living in places like D.C. and New York and California that will continue to have mask mandates

forever and probably having some form of lockdowns going into the fall.”

As much as it pains me to say (and I’m sure you to hear) even McCain has a point on this one. It’s bigger than politics and it’s certainly bigger than the ladies on “The view. It’s life and death and freedom.

The Founding Fathers said “Give me liberty or give me death,” whereas half of America, who has never had to yearn to breath free, has said, “give me liberty or give me a virus with a 90+ percent survival rate, if that happens all bets are off.”