Rigged Election? Well, One Man Had 300 Ballots in His Car

The Democrats love to pretend as though there’s never been any kind of election fraud. Biden speaks about how we need to make sure that everything is fair and that everyone has a right to cast their vote. However, the way he is going about fairness and rights means that it won’t be fair…and that everyone has a right to cast a vote whether they’re a citizen or not…or even if they’re alive or dead.

If there’s never a rigged election, how do they explain what happens when hundreds of ballots are found?

During the California governor recall vote, the police have arrested a man with 300 unopened ballots in his car. How does that happen?

In Torrance, California, a man sleeping in his car was arrested. The police found not only the ballots but also a gun and drugs.

An investigation is currently underway to determine exactly how this man came into possession of all of these unopened ballots.

The man has been released from police custody on his own recognizance. However, it seems that the police still don’t know how he had these ballots.

Well, there are only a few options.

Either the man was able to scour the mail for ballots that were mailed in or he was able to get them before they ever got mailed in so that he could fill them out on his own.

Considering that the ballots were found in the man’s backseat along with a bunch of other mail, it is likely that he stole them right out of the mail. They are the blank ones that the state sent out for people to fill in.

Hundreds of votes might not get cast for the governor recall vote because of this. Many depend on mail-in voting – and only one ballot is supposed to be issued per voter.

Is this fair? No. Does this allow those in Torrance, California to exercise their right to vote? No, since their vote may not actually get counted.

This is where it’s important to look at the integrity of the voting systems. The Democrats like to cheat – and therefore, they want as many loopholes to stay open as possible. By mailing everyone out a ballot whether they asked for it or not, it means that there are “extras” floating around. They can fill them out if they want to, even if they’ve already gone in to vote in person.

Oh, but there are measures in place to prevent that from happening.

Really, though? Are there really sufficient measures in place when the police can find a single car with 300 unopened ballots inside?

Most of the ballots that were found were addressed to people in Lawndale and Compton. The LA County Registrar has assured that there’s no evidence surfaced to indicate that the man intended to influence the September 14 recall election in any way.

What? Are they really this dense? The man had 300 unopened ballots in his car. He could have easily influenced the recall election simply by filling them all out.

Perhaps they found out that the man was a Democrat and so they knew that he wouldn’t be a threat.

Of course, California would never be that sketchy, right? Perhaps we should point out that there are holes on the envelope that the ballots get mailed in. The holes actually allow you to see whether someone has voted to recall Newsom or not without even opening the envelope.

Yep, voter fraud is alive and well in California, no matter how much the Democrats try to convince us otherwise.