Republicans Have Supply Chain Answers, but Democrats Are Not Listening

By Travel mania/
By Travel mania/

The nation is plagued with empty shelves and high prices thanks to communist Joe Biden and his love for chaos. His reluctance to leave the successful growth properties in place from the previous administration has led to a downward spiral in the economy. It has led to many American’s losing their jobs because the old man seems to want to wreck significant sectors of the economy.

The president is reluctant to act on the supply chain problem. He sits at his desk and ignores every crisis that seems to be hurting the country. The supply issue stems from the ignorant regulations that he has imposed on the country. And now that things are screwed up, he is scrambling to find a way to fix it.

The exciting part of the problem is that the issue is not with any other international powers. The problem is found within America, and it sits in the Oval Office. There are hundreds of thousands of shipping containers waiting to be unloaded in harbors around the country. But for some reason, they are being left to drift on the water.

Biden acts like the harbors are the reasons why the containers are floating. But there was never a problem when Donald Trump was in office. And what has been discovered is that unloading ports are far from operating at capacity. This means if they were allowed to ramp up operations, the ports would clear, and shelves would be stocked full again.

Gavin Newsom has also contributed to the backlog as he and his Democratic thugs have passed a bill that keeps many trucks operating on the California roadways. His action has created a trucker shortage that has all but backlogged the western ports. His reasoning behind the move is to clear the air from pollution and save the planet.

The policies passed down from state and federal Democrats are creating a massive headache at every level. Their relentless attacks on the workforce and industries around the country are pressing them hard to the point of breakage.

The reason the Democrats want the supply chain disruption is to put pressure on the American economy. Their goal is to drive up prices and cause the consumer to struggle financially. The price increase on goods around the country is nearly double-digit in every category.

The pandemic restrictions carried over from the pandemic year have also caused a lot of problems. Joe Biden felt it necessary to carry those restrictions to the coming months. And now companies cannot find people to work because they are cut out because of illegal mandates and Biden’s freebies.

And throughout the misery of higher prices and lack of supplies Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation comes along and stated that Biden “has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.” He certainly is living in his utopia, where things seem to be doing just fine. And in the same breath of lies, he states that the issues will continue into 2022.

The Democrats may not care about the issue, but the Republicans do, and once again, Ron DeSantis is leading the way. He stated that “We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate these logjams and ameliorate these problems with the supply chain. It really is, I think, a model for the rest of the country.” But Biden will never admit that DeSantis is correct.

The Floridian governor is inviting all ships to leave the liberal waters and come to Florida to be unloaded. The state has the capacity and infrastructure in place to get things moving again for America.

The “Build Back Better” concept is not something the Democrats can handle. They have proved that they cannot handle the everyday grind that comes across America, and they cannot seem to leave the private industry alone and let it work out the issues that come up. The country was doing great until they messed it all up. And now, it is going to take strong Republican leaders to sort out the mess and keep America moving forward.