Rep. Tim Ryan Finally Sees the Truth About China That Trump Was Trying To Educate People On

Michael F. Hiatt/

Since Donald Trump became President, he shared the writing he saw on the wall with the American people – we had become too dependent on other nations. We have countries like China, Malaysia, and Taiwan making things that could be easily made here in the US. When they have problems in their countries, we are the ones who end up paying the price. We needed more self-reliance. This China vs US message was ridiculed by liberal Democrats across the country.

Now Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio is using the same message to push his campaign to the constituents. His first ad of the 2022 midterms with a $3.3 million broadcast budget is directly out of the Trump playbook. His tweet to push out the campaign ad sounds all too familiar. “It’s us vs. China. China is out-manufacturing us left and right and it’s time we fight back. We’ve got to go all in and it starts by investing in Ohio workers. We won’t back down from this fight. Never bet against Ohio.”

Messages like these are incredibly confusing to see from the left. While Ryan admitted to seeing Trump’s brilliance, and Biden’s ignorance during his brief attempt to run for President in 2020, it wasn’t enough. His message was quickly snuffed out, and away from the races, he went. Given the electrified political landscape during that election, it wasn’t surprising to see him fade after he said anything positive about Trump, even though he was spot-on accurate.

His opening lines in the ad are also directly out of the Trump playbook. “They promised us higher wages and lower prices. Instead, we got pink slips and now price increases…China is winning and now workers are losing. It’s us versus them. Capitalism versus communism. I’m not backing down. Are you?” While the tweet that accompanied the ad is very similar to the ad, not everyone will see his tweet, but that ad will be on Ohio television stations and most likely many radio ads. That kind of coverage with a Trump message on it, and a Democratic candidate might give him just enough to win his election.

While Rep. Ryan is far from the first Democrat to reach across the aisle and steal from the Trump playbook, he is using one of the boldest methods so far. This deliberate and direct message carries with it multiple messages. The idea of the party having one mind but many people doing its bidding is something that was never intended by the founding fathers. Rep. Ryan taking steps to go against that and back to our roots is something that many Americans have been asking to see for some time.

Another message this ad contains is the idea of reaching across to the other side and admitting they were wrong, and Republicans were right. Does that mean we can expect to see abortion outlawed, the repeal of these asinine gun laws, and strict voter laws to be put in place? Not really, but it sends the message that at least some on the left are bright enough to discuss ideas with conservatives.

Rep. Ryan has a difficult time ahead of him this election if he cannot get the people of Ohio to listen to his message and take it at face value. With so much of the economy drying up, and jobs relocating, many of the blue-collar people who would have believed in his message have left the state to keep their families from living in poverty. Perhaps he needs to add in some work with local representatives to help them get their industries built back up at home too. They certainly could use it.