Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) Retires From Congress; Set To Work for Trump

By Evan El-Amin/
By Evan El-Amin/

When you need to change your life around you often make big adjustments. Your employer is usually one of the first things to go. Rep Nunes of California is making one hell of a change to his life. Retiring from Congress at the end of 2021, he has left the people of California with enough time to find someone else to take his place, but he has had enough of politics.

In a note to the people of California Nunes outlined his feelings behind the decision. “It has been my privilege to serve the people of California’s San Joaquin Valley for nineteen years in the U.S. House of Representatives. During this time, I fought hard in Washington for the interests and values of Valley families and to help my constituents resolve any problems they may have with a federal government agency. Recently, I was presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe in. I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to pursue this opportunity, and therefore I will be leaving the House of Representatives at the end of 2021. I will deeply miss being your congressman.

This is a noble gesture after spending so much time in public service, and yet it still keeps him engrained within the issues he finds speak most to his heart. While you may note he did not specify his destination in the letter to the people of CA. Rather, Trump’s team did that for him, and they did it with grace and elegance a departure and re-birth like this deserves.

Trump Media & Technology Group (‘TMTG’) today announced that Congressman Devin G. Nunes has been selected to join the Company as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Nunes is currently a sitting U.S. House Representative, representing California’s 22nd congressional district, and formerly the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Nunes will be leaving the U.S. House of Representatives and will begin his new role as Chief Executive Officer of TMTG in January 2022. Congressman Devin Nunes is a fighter and a leader. He will make an excellent CEO of TMTG. Devin understands that we must stop the liberal media and Big Tech from destroying the freedoms that make America great. America is ready for TRUTH Social and the end to censorship and political discrimination.”

This man has given years of his life to the pursuit of freedom and the rights of all Americans. Rep Nunes has been one of the few people serving in the House of Representatives who truly has believed in people over party, and it shows in his voting record. While serving as the voice of the people in the 22nd District of California he voiced the opinions and views of his people well.

Now working with TMTG Rep. Nunes will have a chance to be on the front line of the changes America is undergoing and be an instrument of that change. By being a part of this team, he has a unique opportunity to help shape how our country will choose to use its freedom of expression to share our message with the world.

No matter how Facebook and other conglomerates have seen the topic of free speech in this country, it has always been something we as a people have relied on, and something they have attempted to turn into a punch line. The TMTG will have a unique opportunity to create a new space for people to exchange ideals, and without overbearing censorship on these exchanges. This is something America has been missing for years now, and the more the progressive left keeps getting their way the long we won’t have it.