New Poll of Key States Shows Trump Winning by Even More
Anyone with eyes and ears can tell that incumbent presidential candidate Joe Biden isn’t too well at present. But a recent set of polls spells even more disaster for him – and no, not all of it is because of Trump. As you have likely noticed, Donald Trump is doing quite well for himself. Despite […]

US Troops in Iraq Forced To Resume Combat Role

breakermaximus /
On December 3rd, US and coalition troops identified a team arming a suicide drone outside of Kirkuk, prepping for launch on US targets according to intel. All assigned to Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR), they are there to form a resistance against the Islamic State inside Iraq, so they notified the […]

Research Shows “Victim Mentality” Leads to Support of Political Violence - Yuri A /
Following George Floyd’s death in the summer of 2020, anyone watching the nation erupt in violence was hardly surprised. It was as predictable as sunrise and the COVID mandates that followed in 2021.    Progressives and liberals have long been linked to “politically motivated” violence, hardly needing an excuse to loot and burn cities to the […]

Alabama Finally Catches Up With the Year 2000; Gets First Baby Drop Box

James Steidl /
Since 2022 Alabama has been operating in the Godly manner of having a total abortion ban. For many women in the state, though, it also means being forced to make a tough decision; keep a child they didn’t plan for/cannot take care of, or give the child up for adoption. While never a light decision […]

Irish Citizens Block Roads to Stop Illegal Aliens Being Dumped in Their Towns

Claire Whitehead /
Irish citizens are so fed up with their unelected foreign rulers dumping the entire dregs of the Third World in their towns that they are now blocking roads to keep the illegal aliens out. The unelected bureaucrats in the EU have dumped hundreds of thousands of illegals in the small island nation in the last […]

Trump Anxious To Debate Biden; Senile President Silent on the Matter

kovop /
With less than a year remaining before the next Presidential election, former President Trump is already acting as if he has won the Republican nomination. While most polls show him easily in the lead over others who have announced their candidacy, the race for the nomination, much less the Presidency, is far from over. With […]

AGs Call Out Biden for Plan That Would Ban Christians from Fostering Children

Pixel-Shot /
Just about anyone with a lick of sense knows that the liberal left, by way of the Biden administration, has waged war on Christianity and American Christians. Their latest move is to effectively ban Christians from being allowed to become foster parents. Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to a proposed plan by Biden’s Department […]

Shocking: Ukrainian News Station Accidentally Publishes the Real Number of KIAs in the War

Dmytro Larin /
The mainstream media has been gaslighting the American people about Joe Biden’s illegal proxy war against Russia, via Ukraine, for almost two years now. You can’t turn on a newscast on any station without hearing about how Ukraine, a tiny, corrupt country in Eastern Europe, has Vladimir Putin on the run. Thank goodness Joe Biden […]

School District Brings Back Segregation by Race

Clare Louise Jackson /
I think we can all agree that the United States of America has come a long way, as have most civilizations and cultures. And yet, this Chicago area school proves that we have not come nearly far enough. You don’t have to look into American history all that far back to realize that race has […]

King Charles Invokes Medieval Law to Make Huge Profits

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Many would and have claimed that King Charles III is bringing England up to date, as his style of rule doesn’t follow the traditions of his late mother Queen Elizabeth. But if we look a little closer, it seems he may be taking the country back to Medieval times – at least when it comes […]

Soldiers Punished for Biden’s Vax Mandate Sue for Billions

Sambulov Yevgeniy /
Joe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate for the troops is likely to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. That’s according to the attorneys who have brought a class action lawsuit against the Biden regime after it punished active-duty soldiers and reservists who refused to take the dangerous and experimental COVID shots. One of […]

Black Chicagoans Threaten to Vote Republican if the Illegal Aliens Don’t Get Out NOW

Jim Vallee /
The Sanctuary City jig is finally up. A group of black Chicagoans held a protest outside City Hall last week to demand that the local government abandon its sanctuary city policies and deport all the illegal aliens right now. If they don’t comply, the group plans to lobby the black community in Chicago and encourage […]

“Baby Come Back”- Army Begs for Anti-Vax Troops to Return

Eugene Onischenko /
Following the orders of the officers appointed over you can be one of the most difficult pieces in the military. When the Department of Defense (DOD) announced their plans to require troops to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, many pushed for religious exemptions. Being made nondeployable and therefore subject to discharge, officers forced many […]

Discount Retailers Are Enjoying Banner Year Under Bidenomics

Artem Beliaikin /
Major volume discount store Ross has proven that the American people’s love of high-quality goods from last season or as rejected loads runs deep. Even as they struggle to keep up with their bills and, in many cases, even maintain proper employment, they want to get the best bang for their buck. Given the steep […]

Social Media Actively Censors bin Laden’s 9/11 Memoir

monticello /
Recently, Osama bin Laden’s memoir about 9/11 started making the rounds on social media. In a piece released in 2002, he explained why he felt justified in his actions. Now pro-Palestinian people started making the documents go viral on November 15th. Being heavily pushed across multiple platforms, Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked TikTok was the first […]