Race Determines Booster Shot Availability in Vermont?

By Studio Romantic/shutterstock.com
By Studio Romantic/shutterstock.com

If the political left is to be believed, the Republican Party is pretty much wholly made up of whites and, therefore, racists. It’s why they have continued to proclaim themselves the party of minorities and “equity” for some time now.

There’s just one small problem, “equity,” as they define it, is really nothing but racism at its finest.

If you needed more proof of this beyond their pet critical race theory that has begun to overtake some school districts, I give you Vermont’s Department of Health and its recent policies on COVID-19 booster shots.

According to a recent report submitted to the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism or FAIR and leaked by an unknown party, the department has decided that when determining when someone is eligible to get their booster shots, race is to be considered as one of the utmost priorities.

As FAIR Editor Colin Wright wrote on Wednesday, “Recently the Vermont Department of Health announced on its website that it is prioritizing COVID-19 booster shots based on skin color. People who identify as ‘white’ and are younger than 65 with no-high-risk conditions are placed at the back on the line.”

And no, neither FAIR nor I am kidding.

Per the northeastern state’s department of Health website, “For white people, in order to qualify for a booster…, they have to not only meet the criteria of receiving the vaccine 6 months ago but also must be either 65+, have certain medical conditions, live with a person of color, or work in certain high-risk settings.”

I mean, how much more blatantly racist can they be?

Of course, this language was changed a bit soon after FAIR was notified about the policy. But, as Write also pointed out, the idea itself or its inherent racism didn’t budge. Instead, the words were just “buried deeper within the site.”

The Department of Health’s website now states that users who create an account and “identifies (or lives with someone that identifies) as Black Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC)” they will be notified of their “priority” status for receiving the booster shot.

“People who identify as ‘white,’ however, are not notified that they have been deprioritized.”

What this means is that for roughly 92.6 percent of Vermont’s population or about 577,814 people, because they identified as ‘non-Hispanic white’ on the latest US Census, they aren’t eligible to get the booster, or at least not until everyone “of color” does.

They are suddenly treated as less than just because they were born with lighter skin pigmentation. And yet, they want to label this as “equity” or a way to make everyone equal? I think not.

Equity policies like these don’t do anything to actually help those in need. Instead, they just play favorites within a population.

Oh, sure, they do some good. I mean, people are still getting their booster shots, and for similar policies such as to help the poor, individuals are still getting their needs met and financial help. But only if you can check all the right boxes.

It’s like saying that you want to help out the greatest number of poor people as possible, but because you focus only on blacks and Hispanic Americans, whose communities do tend to have larger percentages of poverty, you forget that there are actually far more poor whites nationwide, in terms of sheer numbers. It means you’re only helping a minority of a minority rather than the majority of the poor population.

Instead, if we focused on actual need, regardless of skin color, those who need it the most would be the ones receiving the benefits. Then, booster shots could be given to any and all of those who feel the need to get it and, therefore, increase the overall number within the population who have been fully inoculated, which is supposed to be the goal, right?

But, of course, that’s not what Biden’s administration has taught us is important. Rather, it is race that truly matters, and COVID-19 is how they prove that.