Putin Claims “No Other Choice” but To Invade Ukraine

Frederic Legrand - COMEO/shutterstock.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin will maintain that his decision to invade Ukraine was the right move until the day he dies. The decision to make this the hill he is willing to die on could prove to be a costly one for him, especially as sanctions continue to peck away at the Russian economy. While the closing of popular western stores like McDonald’s, Puma, and Nike is impacting their economy, to talk to Russians in rural areas they claim not much has changed for them.

In stark contrast nearly everything has changed for the people in Ukraine. They have been chased from their homes, families separated, and many have been found dead after Russians started attacking civilians indiscriminately. This action alone was a large reason for the Ukrainian government to send women across the border and ordering men 18 to 60 to stay and defend the homeland from Putin’s aggression.

Russian state-owned media outlet RT issued translations of Putin’s remarks for the foreign press as they released his statements on the situation. He proclaimed he “had no other choice” but to invade Ukraine. He described it as “the right thing… an obvious thing, it was unavoidable, the only question was one of timing.” This description of what needed to be done and how he decided such things are nothing more than a joke.

His idea that he was the only one who could save Ukraine is nothing more than WWII propaganda being used yet again. Anyone who is even remotely knowledgeable on the Soviet Union in WWII, they recognize just how much this is a cry back to the campaign slogans and war messages of that time frame. The propaganda machine was turned up to full blast then, and nothing is different now. Putin sees what he is doing and is proud of the work they have done.

No matter how many times Putin or RT claims the invasion was only done to “help people, saving them from Nazism,” nobody is going to believe it. The claims of Nazism pockets in Ukraine have been prevalent for ages, but they are small and incredibly controlled pockets. While yes, Nazism is wrong and should not exist anywhere, he’s not the Nazi killer, and his troops aren’t either. They’ve been beaten like rented mules and are being driven back and forced to readjust their attack plans. This is keeping Ukrainians on the run either to avoid the danger or to take it on to keep the pressure on.

The pressure is being pushed even harder by the US and other allies as they are slowly starting to see the effects of the sanctions on Putin and other Russian leadership. As they are being taken down a peg each day, they are losing more face with their people and losing more support as the days go by. Not that there was that much support for their actions anyways. The protests in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities across Russia have been large since the initial invasion.

Due to the Russian police, protests have been clamped down on excessively as the Russian authorities and state-run media want to present a united front approach to the global public. This kind of message is not only dangerous for the people of Russia but to the world as a whole. With how easily led the left has become, one misstep from Russia and they could either become the left asset they have always wanted to become (socialism), or they could remain public enemy number 1 for the rest of their existence. Either way, Putin is way above his head, and try as he might, there is no treading water at this point. The man will surely die tired, as he cannot outrun the crimes he has committed.