Protesters in Portland Once Again Prove Peace is Not an Option

People in Portland don’t seem to get it. They cannot fight social injustice with violence.

As Portland Antifa stormed the streets of Portland over Duante Wright, a black man who was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota, Portland PD showed that they were ready to fight back.

During the daylight hours, it was peaceful. People sat, shared stories, and talked about the humanity of white and black Americans.

Then, the speakers began talking about defunding the police.

One speaker, Demestria Hester, wants to blame everyone. She says, “You have an obligation, you failed, because he’s dead.”

We, as a country, have already been through this. It’s George Floyd all over again. A black man died at the hand of a white cop. It is terribly tragic, but it does not represent how all white people feel about all black people.

What we didn’t hear over the course of the year is that there were countless other people killed. White people were killed, black people were killed. The unfortunate truth is that people die at the hands of racist people every day – and it works against all races, not just black people.

As Hester and other speakers of Antifa wanted to blame the police and the white communities for the death of Wright, there was also the question of why the police were “refunded.”

Last summer, Antifa took over Portland. They set up autonomous zones that destroyed public property, left residents terrified, and businesses empty. It was clear that the police were needed in order to restore normalcy.

As darkness fell on the city, Antifa rioters took to the streets. They decided that they wanted to renew the battle with the police.

Protesters marched. Fireworks exploded. Portland police officers warned everyone to stay off the property of the Kelly Penumbra building, a government building that houses public safety administration.

It wasn’t long before the sheriff’s office building was attacked. Windows were broken, and the police had to respond.

The police in Portland were not responsible for the death of George Floyd nor were they responsible for the death of Duane Wright. Yet, Portland PD officers are the ones who have to deal with the wrath of Antifa.

If they want to be mad, be mad in Minnesota. For the fight to erupt in Oregon seems ridiculous. They are creating violence when there was no violence against them. They’re bringing on the violence themselves because of something that happened several states over.

And, when the police respond to the sudden surge of violence, they cry foul.

After what happened over last summer, Antifa should have learned. Protesters should have learned that they cannot simply bring violence into the city without expecting some kind of action against them.

By late Monday night, there were over 200 protesters outside of the sheriff’s office in SE Portland. They were calling for the abolishment of police.

They’re demonstrating why the police are needed. They’re the ones being violent. They’re the ones causing citizens to be scared. They’re the ones that are destroying public property.

If they want to prove that the police are not necessary, they have to stop with the constant violence. They’re attacking everyone – and these are police officers that haven’t shot anyone. These are police officers that have sworn to serve and protect the people of Portland.

No arrests are being made. The police are trying to handle everything as carefully and as tactfully as they can. Right now, smoke canisters are being used.

However, Antifa and “Black Bloc” have to be cautious of how they proceed. They demand that black lives matter. Yes, they do. And police lives matter, too. There’s no need to destroy one in order to feel justified for the other to exist.

Not all police officers are the same. Just as not all black people are the same. Isn’t that what we’re really supposed to be fighting for?

Yet, Portland is once again proving that they don’t know how to handle racial injustice in a way that doesn’t involve excessive violence.