President Waves Hello to Illegals Coming Across the Border by the Thousands

The president would like to think that he is in touch with the people and doing things that benefit them. But in reality, he is messing up everything up and making a mess of the country. The horrible way he has handled Afghanistan and issues at the border define his presidency as a failure. The real issue now is whether or not America can take another three years of the man.

Biden will be known as the man that destroyed a country. His clownish response to the southern border crisis has only made things worse for himself.

Steven Kopits noted that there was a massive surge since Donald Trump took some time off. In July, he noted that “Customs and Border Protection reports that Border Patrol apprehended 199,777 persons at the US southwest border. This represents an increase of 21,000 over June and was 23,000 higher than our dire forecast of one month ago. Further, July apprehensions were near twice the level of the next highest July in the last twenty years, that is, July 2000 of the Clinton administration, when 114,000 migrants were arrested.”

Many of the people arrested at the border are repeat offenders with violent criminal records. They try to walk across claiming they need asylum, but they are lying and need to be kept out of the country.

Biden tells people that the surge is seasonal, yet the country has been through two seasons, and it only continues to worsen. He has lied about the border and Afghanistan.

Biden is a magnet for problems. All he has to do is sit down, and something else falls apart. Had he just left things alone, he could have had a leisurely presidency because Trump had already done all the hard work. But he thought he needed to do better than his predecessor. So out came the executive pen, and things went downhill from there.

The southern border has become a bit of a comical theater. Border agents can be seen rounding up illegals and taking them to detention centers. And as soon as they approach the center, Biden’s buses pull up and wave them on board. He takes them to the heartland of the country where they are housed and provided for. His actions violate immigration laws and are subjecting millions of Americans to violent criminals.

Biden’s plan was implemented shortly after he walked into the White House. He took down all the executive orders that Trump used to secure the country. Not long after his rant with the pen, he got on national television and told all the illegals to start moving northward.

The president’s administration denies that he had anything to do with the surge. But the free t-shirts that Biden handed out say “Biden Let Us In.” He may claim he had nothing to do with it, but the illegals see it differently. The nutty president must think there is no evidence pointing out that he has made a mess of things. But there are now millions of people wearing shirts, proving he is the cause.

The heroic border agents are also targets of Biden’s insanity. He has taken away their teeth as it relates to border enforcement. All they can do is put the illegals into trucks and take them to the stations. Biden sends his busses to come and pick them up when the center gets full.

Biden’s sad attempts to secure the border are worthless at best. Jen Psaki stated that Biden has ordered that the illegals be flown into Mexico and released away from the border. But all they have to do is make their way across again. All he is doing is compounding the problem.

He intends to discourage people from making the trip. But all he is doing is delaying the surge for a future date. The deported people will make another trip to the north.

Biden is as worthless as they come being the illegitimate president that he has become. It is now clear to everyone that he does not have a plan to deal with the issues he is facing. All he has tried to do is blame shift his problems to Donald Trump. And not even the liberal media is willing to publish that excuse.