President Gets Major Boost from Convention Rally

The unbelievable media wants the nation to think that womanizer Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump in every single poll. The polls that they are drawing from are biased and incomplete.

The media sets them up and allows liberals to answer the questions. Very few conservatives take them because they are on sites that only cater to progressive and Pelosi loving converts.

The Democratic National Convention held their virtual rally with little to no benefit. Their attempt to rally their people fell flat on its face because no one in their right mind will attend such an event for hours on end staring at a computer screen.

On some level, the liars known as Democrats made up the numbers that they claim watched their circus show.

The Biden ticket is a flop. There is no excitement about it because Harris is simply a puppet right along with Biden. Everyone knows he chose her because of her skin color and not because she is qualified.

Harris is like every other American that has multiple nationalities in their blood because of biological mixing during reproduction.

But somehow, that is supposed to make her more impressive than the rest of the population.

The Democrats were bummed out when the fair polls showed no increase in their popularity. What did them in was not only Harris’ unqualified appearance, but dementia that Biden has is crippling his campaign. He cannot remember basic facts and stats. Biden is the worst choice that they could have made. But he was the best that they had on the ticket.

Compared to President Trump’s following, Biden is small. The level of excitement that Republicans had when he gave his acceptance speech gave every hearer an incredible night of joy and fun.

The spirits were high with people, and the excitement was flowing. Democrats that attacked the president’s supporters as they left the convention were trying to discourage them, but they could not beat them down emotionally.

The fair polls that have been coming out have clearly shown that double-digit gains were added to the president’s rating. The media and liberal analysts are shocked at the change.

They are left wondering how these things could have happened. The Trump campaign has put a nail in the coffin of Joe Biden and his attempt to steal the White House.

African American men are flocking to the president’s corner. They have seen the duplicity of the Democrats and are tired of being lied to. President Trump has opened the doors of prosperity for them to run through. These men love the joy of hard work and do not want to return to a life of dependency at the Democrats’ hands.

Many people see Harris as an opportunist. This means that she will say anything to gain a position of power. Her lack of respect for people and her shady record remind people that the liberals do not tell the truth and will not honor any promises they make.

President Trump and the surge he has gained from his convention rally sets him up as a law and order president. The rule of law is essential to the foundations of the country. One poll showed that eighty-one percent of African Americans do not support Biden’s desire to kill police funding.

The liberal run media tells the lie that most people in the country do not like the police. But the truth is that the vast majority of people need them and fully support them. Even the liberals that have tried to steal police funding have had to call them to come and take care of some issues. And as a result, they have backed off of the push to defund the police.

The President is gaining momentum ahead of the November election. Biden is falling further behind with no way of catching up. There is nothing that Harris can do but hang her head in defeat. America is going to be blessed again for four more years of a people’s president that loves America.