President Calling Up the National Guard in Advance of America’s Own Trucker Convoy


The response to the Freedom Convoy in Canada here in the US has been incredibly strong. With many seeing the immense overuse of political force to make Americans follow the ever-changing regulations and rules for COVID, it was only a matter of time till we followed the Canadians. As countries like France, Austria, and Australia have their versions of the convoy, Americans are getting prepared for what could be a very ugly rendition.

When Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved the request of the District of Columbia government along with US Capitol Police to have the National Guard in the streets, it was no surprise. While President Biden has not publicly admitted his involvement at the calling up of the National Guard, there is zero doubt he did so. Especially after he blamed former President Trump for not calling them up during the January 6th insurrection.

So far, the plan is to have 400 members of the National Guard from Washington DC, and an additional 300 from across the country. What these people will not have is weapons or body armor. Instead, they will have traffic police gear on as they will be assigned to direct traffic. The Pentagon has openly stated that they will conduct no law enforcement or domestic-surveillance activities while assigned to this duty.

What differs for the protest plans here in America versus the rest of the world is the lack of a unified front. In a fashion that our military operates under rather often, the convoys will be coming from various points, at various times, and with various destinations. While this might seem like an unlikely way to garner much support, many feel as though this will spread the message thoroughly and provide people from across the country a chance to participate. Given the enormity of the landmass and highway systems inside the US, this is a viable idea.

The Canadian protests shut down much of the area near Parliament in Ottawa. Here in the US, the People’s Convoy has stated their convoy will NOT be going into DC proper.” However, their planned route from southern CA will have them in DC on March 5th. With the President giving his State of The Union address on March 1st, some convoys will be rolling into the city before, on, and after that date.

Planning interruptions around significant events is a strategic decision that could help them get their message disseminated to the widest possible audience. With more people present, more television cameras capturing footage, and a wider participation they can help institute a bigger tide of change.

Enacting the National Guard to conduct traffic operations in DC both President Biden and Sec. Def. Austin have signaled to the American people two things. One, how little they think of the National Guard by making them unarmed crossing guards. Two, their willingness to deputize the military to turn America into a police state. While these points might seem contradictory, they flow hand in hand. Using the National Guard in such a role and without weaponry is putting them in a potentially hazardous situation without any means to protest themselves.

As we saw with the January 6th insurrection, the DC and Capitol police are incredibly ill-equipped and under-trained. It’s begging to have the National Guard overran, and then it would “force” his hand to call in the big guns, and place America into a total police state. When you consider the status of America as being in a state of emergency since President Trump declared it back in March 2020, and President Biden’s recent extension, people should be scared. People’s Convoy organizer Mike Landis touched on this in a video “We want this government to bring back the Constitution. We do not want to be under a dictatorship communism-style regime, like where we are right now.” Given President Biden’s historical overreactions to Americans, this is a very dangerous message.