President Biden Confuses the Press by Introducing President Biden, His Flip Flopping Pal

Spike Johnson/

Each President has their way of trying to deal with the press that works best for them. Some prefer to laugh and joke with them, others are just straight-up mean and rude as they talk, and others still will lie through their teeth 24/7. For President Biden, he has chosen the rarely seen tactic of ‘deny this option until they like it then act as if you have always supported it’.

Energy, foreign affairs, inflation, immigration, health care, and many other areas of big concern in America are consistently being flooded with convolution by Biden and the rest of his team as his policy and what he says consistently flip flops. These confusing and contradictory messages are leaving everyone uncertain of exactly where his head is, how we get it to fly on one path, and how to ensure it stays in the game. If you’ve ever seen someone who suffered a big concussion, they often have no clue where they are, or what is going on.

The same can be said about people with dementia, and Biden is quickly becoming the poster child for these characteristics. He is finding ways to keep the press and American people on their toes as they sit back and wonder about what’s next, all while never setting the country on a true course for the future. This double Biden effect is something that has a huge potential to get America drawn into a conflict we don’t want or need.

It also is incredibly devastating to our economy. President Biden’s “America First anywhere but oil” mentality is destroying our economy. He refuses to see the bright sides of being an oil-producing nation and is instead more than happy to see the country buying oil from overseas countries and propping up their economies versus fixing ours.

The calls for everything to be ‘Made in America’ but the energy is crippling the economy. His inability to see how deeply the oil and gas prices impact what we pay for supplies, medicine, food, etc. is astonishing. This should be incredibly obvious to even the most uneducated person. If the costs of getting in goods and services cost more, the cost to obtain those goods and services will go up.

Yet he keeps passing over this basic concept of our economy. His election pledge to stop drilling on Federal lands made a big splash with the tree-hugging hippies that make up a good portion of his liberal fan base. The problem with this problem is the 46% increase in gas prices since he took office. This kind of surge is all from his refusal to keep our energy sources sustainable and well-stocked. Instead, he taps into the strategic reserves of oil. The oil is there for an emergency that we cannot easily fix or get around.

Yet this problem and many others could be solved very simply. If Biden would just pick one side of the issue and stick to it, or when he switches make a big deal about seeing he was wrong. Instead, we are left watching him perform the silent flip flop, and destroy our economy. This kind of failure was something we saw during the Obama years but on a whole different level. Much like Obama, Biden is now reaching into that bag of tricks and opening back up oil production. Just not the top spot, at the same level of production, and with higher costs to get in. This kind of move might help move the pump price down, but not enough or fast enough. A classic example of the liberal ‘too little, too late’ agenda.