Pregnant Abortion Activist Takes Abortion Pill on Live TV


Jex Blackmore is an outspoken abortion activist who recently took an abortion pill on live television. She boasted about her action that it was her third abortion.

Blackmore, who uses “they/them” pronouns, took the pill ending her pregnancy on a recent segment of WJBK FOX 2 Detroit’s “Let It Rip.” She talked about the issue of abortion pills with both Charlie Langton, the host of the show, and Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life attorney.

Before Blackmore took the mifepristone pill she said that she wanted to show how easy it is and how safe it is. This pill is used by millions of Americans alongside another medication called misoprostol. These medications serve to end the life of babies in the early stages of gestation.

As Blackmore got ready to take the pill on live TV, Langton asked if she really was pregnant. She replied that this was going to end a pregnancy and that it would be her third abortion. 

Later Blackmore told NBC N news that she was pregnant. “When I was invited onto ‘Let It Rip’ to discuss the availability of mail-order abortion pills, I thought that it would be an opportunity to demonstrate the ease and effectiveness of the medication, and it happened at the right time for me personally. Taking the medication on live TV, especially a Fox affiliate, allowed the message to reach folks who normally would not be exposed to information about a medical mail-order abortion,” Blackmore said.

When Langton was asked about Blackmore’s actions by NBC News, he described the “callousness” of it. 

With abortion, a preborn baby does not just magically vanish into thin air by merely swallowing a pill, as some may think. Jex’s actions are extremely deceiving and make me think of someone pushing a button for a drone strike — it would appear easy enough, but in reality, most people understand the carnage which will ensue and should be outraged at the tragic loss of life and the callousness with which it was done,” Langton wrote in an email. 

Others are expressing the same kind of callousness. State and federal policymakers are working hard to protect abortion by statute. In New Jersey, the “Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act” was passed with an overwhelming majority by the state’s legislature. It codifies the constitutional right which was recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court to freedom of reproductive choice. This includes the right to access contraception, the right to terminate a pregnancy, and the right to carry a pregnancy to term. The legislation also nullifies any law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or order that might abridge the constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.

Along with moves like this one in New Jersey, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed the requirement that the abortion pill is dispensed only in certain healthcare situations. It had been reserved for just clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. But now the pill will be allowed to be sent through the mail and acquired online. 

Dennis Sarfate and Zach Lautenschlager were recently interviewed by The Daily Wire. They lead “Action for Life,” which is the legislative arm of the Christian ministry “End Abortion Now.” Sarfate and Lautenschlager explained that abortion is the murder of an image-bearer of God. They urged that lawmakers ensure equal protection under the law for pre-born babies.

Sarfate, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, said clearly that life starts at conception…it is a baby. He said that a pre-born child is a human being worthy of respect and worthy of protection. Sarfate even went so far as to say that God calls abortion murder, and we don’t have the authority to take the life of an innocent human being that deserves life.