Police Exodus Continues With Biden Presidency Looming Over the Country

The Seattle City Council is currently in the process of deciding on their policing budget for 2021. Of course, this only means that they are currently deciding on the amount of money that will be cut from the budget.

According to recent speculation from Jason Rantz, the upcoming cuts will amount to as much as 17 percent of the budget.

As these cuts are being debated, Seattle police officers are now retiring in droves. This report from Mynorthwest lays out the problem in stark detail. “While the Seattle City Council is poised to cut the police budget once again, the mass exodus continues with at least 34 more officers having separated from the department. The newest staffing data puts the number of officers leaving Seattle in 2020 at 144 and counting. This is historically high…” the report began.

When Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) President Mike Solan spoke with Jason Rantz on KTTH, he was not surprised by what is taking place. “I am sad and yet, I’m not surprised that many of the great human beings that do the job of policing in Seattle are still leaving SPD at an alarming rate,” said Solan.

“It saddens me because I’m witnessing a professional police agency revered by many fall victim to radical activism that is swallowing Seattle,” he continued. As officers continue to retire, the city is experiencing a major crime wave. When small business owners downtown were surveyed, a 75 percent increase was discovered.

“In Ballard, our employees are plagued by habitual shoplifters and harassment,” said Ken Mahoney, Bartell Drugs Sr. Vice President of Operations. “Recently, our Ballard assistant store manager was assaulted. Consequently, we have had to make significant investments in private security guards to protect our employees and customers as a result of the increased incidences of crime and violence in the neighborhood.”

This interview with KOMO News also paints a very stark picture. “Of the nearly 100 businesses surveyed, more than 75 percent of owners reported an increase in crime between April and September compared to the same time frame last year. More than 50 percent said that their employees don’t feel safe working in Ballard. One of the more shocking statistics unveiled by the survey alleges that 7,000 “instances of crime or criminal activity” were experienced by the 88 businesses – an average of 40 each day,” KOMO News says.

We’re not sure why these decisions are being made during a time of such unrest. Christopher Rufo wrote a piece for City Journal that delved into the problem. Long story short: the people who are demanding the defunding of the police were not kidding. The leftist utopia that is free of police is within their grasp and they know it.

“According to a set of leaked documents that I obtained from inside the King County Executive’s Office, policymakers have laid out the rationale for permanently closing the region’s largest jail and ending all youth incarceration—including for minors charged with serious crimes such as rape and murder,” says Rofo. This should terrify any sane citizen.

They are now expecting the world to live with blinders on like they do. We’ll simply get rid of all jails and we can play the same games of pretending that the leftists are partaking in.

Seattle seems bound and determined to ignore their crime problem and our hearts go out to all of the residents of this leftist haven. It seems as if no one learned their lesson about the “autonomous zone” that went haywire earlier this year.

All of the meaningful statistics about crime show that this is a city that needs policing. It does not matter what the facts are, though. The far-left always finds a way to ignore them or bend them to their silly whims.

This is a slow-motion car crash that we are all forced to watch because this city steadfastly refuses to do right by its citizens. At least we don’t have to live there!