Pentagon Confirms UFO from 2019 But Aliens Won’t Come Back Now That Biden’s in Office

UFO sightings seemed to be all anyone could talk about throughout 2019. The Navy had spotted the flying objects and recorded video of the phenomenon from aboard the USS Omaha.

Now, the Pentagon has confirmed the footage to say that it is, in fact, an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). The characteristics of these defy physics as we know them to be true.

So, at some point in 2019, intelligent alien life may have decided to check out the earth.

Where are they now?

Why haven’t we seen any more UFOs?

The answer to that may be simple.

While some would argue that what was captured by the Navy wasn’t any kind of alien life, others would argue that it most certainly was. Any alien lifeform capable of creating a UFO and flying to another planet will know how to conduct surveillance.

What seemed like a good idea in 2019 may not be such a good idea in 2021…and that’s because of the Biden administration.

We’ve got a president who doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s not holding China accountable for their actions – including the humanitarian issues they cause with labor as well as the pandemic that they unleashed on the globe. He’s also responsible for Iran, Israel, and countless other tensions brewing across the ocean.

A UFO could be an incredible opportunity to learn more about life outside of earth – if only we would be willing to give it a chance.

However, our president can barely speak coherently let alone decide the tactic that would be best used to confront alien life. We’d likely shoot it down first, then ask questions – and it’s why UFOs aren’t bothering to come around again.

Meanwhile, what the Pentagon has confirmed is unique. There are still a lot of examinations going on. However, the UFO is being referred to as a “trans medium vehicle.” This means that it is capable of moving through various mediums – water, air, vacuum space, and more.

Congress is eager to have a full report about UAPs and how they’ve interacted with Armed Forces personnel. Senator Marco Rubio has given The Pentagon until June 1 in order to provide the report.

To dismiss the idea of intelligent alien life is ignorant and arrogant. We cannot be the only ones capable of intelligent life across the entire galaxy. While we have launched space missions, we have only seen a small portion of what’s out there. Sure, there may not be civilizations on Mars or the moon, but what about the other planets? What about other galaxies?

Perhaps if we could get a visitor from another planet to explain a “better” way of governing, they can explain why Biden is doing such a horrible job. After all, this is a president who promised unity – and we’re more divided than we have been in centuries. And the division is not just in the United States but around the globe. A quick look at Israel and Hamas shows an incredible conflict that could have been prevented.

While there are certainly UFO sightings reported regularly, none hold as much weight as the one that was captured by the Navy.

One of the reasons why people are claiming to see UFOs with more regularity is because the pollution has been minimized during the pandemic.  With clearer skies, it caused people to look upward. However, most of the sightings were actually planes, drones, satellites, and even bats.

It’s a shame that we might not get to see any more UFOs until Biden is out of the office. After all, any alien civilizations looking to launch themselves into space are likely after the same thing we are – search for intelligent life. They won’t find any within the White House until at least 2024, so they’ve probably decided to save their energy.