Pennsylvania’s List of Liberal No-Nos Keeps Growing – We Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

The liberals in Pennsylvania are making it hard to accept anything that is going on. First, they change the laws around mail-in ballots. Next, they’re caught throwing ballots away. Now, there’s a state official who fraudulently obtained American citizenship. It seems that the state is just filled with shady activity.

If Pennsylvania doesn’t want to be accused of committing so many no-nos, they really have to try harder. The Philadelphia City Treasurer, Christian Dunbar, is the latest of what’s going wrong in the state.

Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney appointed Liberian-born Dunbar to the position after spending quite some years as a financial advisor with Wells Fargo. However, it seems that Dunbar obtained his citizenship illegally by committing marriage fraud. Oh, and there’s also $15,000 stolen through bank embezzlement.

Christian Dunbar and his Senegal-born wife entered into fake marriages with American citizens. It allowed them to get their green cards and citizenship for not only themselves but their families, too.

In 2006, Dunbar and his wife married American citizens in different ceremonies. The American citizens were classmates of the two at Temple University. The officiant of the wedding was even a professor at the same university.

Prosecutors allege that Dunbar applied for a green card in February 2012. A few months later, he was granted the green card and applied for American citizenship in 2015. In 2016, he secured American citizenship. Two months later, he divorced the American citizen he married in 2006.

There is a problem with the timeline, however. Prosecutors allege that Dunbar and his wife went to her native country of Senegal in 2013 and married each other. Dunbar was still legally married to the American citizen during this time. Further, Dunbar and his wife had a child, born in 2014, and are listed as the married parents of said child.

So, how could Christian Dunbar be legally married to an American citizen from 2006 all the way through 2016 while also marrying and having a child with another woman? It appears that he only married an American citizen to get the green card. Whether he ever even lived with the woman is still being questioned.

Although Dunbar has since been fired from the position of Philadelphia city treasurer, it is also alleged that he embezzled $15,000 from two clients of his during his time at Wells Fargo – embezzling the money directly into his personal bank accounts during the periods of December 2015 and January 2016.

Now, Dunbar faces serious consequences if convicted – $1.5 million in fines as well as 45 years in federal prison.

These are the types of individuals being employed throughout Pennsylvania. One would think that the mayor would be able to conduct a decent background check to prevent people like Dunbar from ever getting such a high position. It’s usually not a good idea to hire a treasurer who has a background of embezzling money.

Pennsylvania is trying to identify that they want a fair election. They claim that the reason that they adjusted the laws for the mail-in ballots was to make it easier for people to stay safe during the time of the pandemic. They also want more time to count the ballots, making the assumption that there are going to be more than ever.

It’s as if Pennsylvania wants to rig the election in favor of Biden. The more they deny it, the more other issues within the state come up. It’s already been identified that multiple ballots of military members were thrown in the trash – many of those ballots involved a vote for Donald Trump. Now, there is Dunbar – a high-ranking official who was put into place by the mayor in Philadelphia.

As we inch closer to the general election, who knows how many more liberal no-nos the state of Pennsylvania is going to commit. It’s hard to trust anything that comes out of the state at this point.