Pelosi’s Pick for Transportation Committee Can’t Even Park a Car?

Sheila Fitzgerald/
Sheila Fitzgerald/

Why is it that Democratic leaders never seem to nominate or put forward names that actually qualify for a position?

Take now-President Joe Biden, for instance.

Upon taking over the White House, he was tasked with putting together a list of potential cabinet and staff members, as is every US president. But unlike most, it seems he really only cared about checking boxes that make him look good, despite the fact that few and far between of the names he mentioned actually have what it takes to do their job.

In a particularly poor choice, he made former South Bend, Indiana’s mayor and failed presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, his head of the Transportation Department.

It is noted that during his time as South Bend’s mayor, the roads there were not-so-good shape. In fact, the pizza eatery and delivery service, Dominoes, actually awarded the city with the title “worst roads in America” for one of those years and, as a result, offered them $10,000 to fix or better their roadways.

And yet, somehow, this is now the man in charge of building and maintaining everything transportation-related in the nation…

But it’s not just Biden making decisions like this.

Recently Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nominated someone to take up a position on the House’s Transportation Committee. And yet, it has been discovered that this someone isn’t so great at driving, you know something someone involved in the transportation industry should definitely know a thing or two about.

In fact, according to a video found of Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, she can’t really even park a car.

On Monday, Representative Thomas Massie posted and revealed the undated video, proving that Norton has no business either behind the wheel or in any position on any transportation-related committee.

In the video, Norton is filmed attempting to park a silver vehicle between a red SUV and a gray sedan. And she failed miserably, even though she had the help of someone standing outside of the car directing Norton.

As the video continues, we can see quite clearly that Norton is having a difficult time getting into the parking space and repeatedly hits one of the adjacent vehicles. After trying several times to get it right, Norton finally gives up, literally.

Rather than having someone help her or backing up and going to a different parking spot, she simply abandons the car and runs away. Seriously…

As Massie said of the video, “Folks, I’m not making this up.”

And yet, this is the woman Pelosi wants to head up her Transportation committee…

Notably, there are several problems with this situation.

First, Norton apparently doesn’t know what she’s doing in a day when driving has been a norm for both women and men in America for over a century.

Now, one might note that at the age of 84, Norton might not be all that savvy when it comes to driving. And it’s true; she might not be. Neither was she back in 2015 when this video was filmed, according to Fox 5 DC.

All the more reason to consider someone else for the position. In fact, at that age, one could argue that driving should no longer be an option for Norton. And as such, she shouldn’t be anywhere near a committee that decides our driving laws and regulations.

The second major issue is that Norton literally just walks away from the situation rather than attempting to right a wrong, which many responses on social media found particularly disturbing. I mean, here is a high-ranking and long-time member of Congress, and yet, when faced with a less than comfortable situation, she runs for the hills.

Let’s just say it’s not exactly very inspiring.

Even less so is Norton’s excuse for such behavior.

According to the aging congresswoman, she was running late for an interview and, therefore, could not be bothered to waste time to park her car correctly. First-world problems, huh?

But if that wasn’t bad enough, she then even laughed it off, telling the audience not to “worry” because she has since “signed up for parking lessons.” And if that doesn’t work, she’s considering an upgrade to “a self-parking car.”

Are we sure the parking lessons weren’t mandated after receiving a ticket for her poor driving skills?

In any case, none of this proves to Massie or me that Norton is what American drivers need at the helm of our transportation systems. If anything, it demonstrates that Pelosi is simply playing favorites, as if that’s anything new.