Pelosi’s Husband Uses Intel to Bank with Amazon Stock

It’s amazing what you can get away with when you’re the Speaker of the House…or at least married to her.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi has been having some intriguing pillow talk with her husband over the past several years.

Paul Pelosi has been buying Amazon call options for a while now. As you look at when he bought versus when announcements were made, it’s clear that he was influenced by what his wife, Nancy, must have been telling him.

While Nancy Pelosi may not have shared specific “insider” information since she didn’t work for Amazon, she could certainly have explained some of the things on the Congressional agenda. As Speaker, she has a significant amount of influence – and that should never be ignored.

The multi-billion JEDI cloud services contract belonging to the Pentagon was abruptly canceled recently. They announced that they would be starting a new one that Amazon would be competing for.

Well, isn’t that interesting. Paul Pelosi just happened to buy Amazon call options a mere six weeks before this announcement.

Buying early like that could result in a big monetary windfall.

It’s been a long time coming for Amazon to get the JEDI contract. It was originally expected that they’d win it in 2017. Instead, it was awarded to Microsoft – and many thought that it had to do with intervention from then-President Donald Trump.

The Pentagon is canceling that contract. Now, their new contract is JWCC or “Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability” which is a multi-cloud project. They’ve explicitly named both Amazon and Microsoft as the top two contenders.

A lot is going on with Amazon. They’ve got a new CEO by the name of Andy Jassy who took over for Jeff Bezos. They’ve also seen their stock prices close on a record high.

What a day for Amazon – the announcement from the Pentagon coincided with the new CEO’s first day. It was the best single-day gain since November 4, 2020 – the day following Biden’s election win.

Analysts with Raymond James have said that such news is a “clear positive” for Amazon.

Man, to be an Amazon investor could mean big, big things.

Oh, and would you look at that. On May 21, Paul Pelosi bought call options that were valued at between $500,001 and $1 million. He also helped himself to buy Apple call options valued at between $100,001 and $250,000.

All of this information was disclosed on the Speaker of the House’s latest financial disclosure report.

After glancing at Pelosi’s financial disclosure reports, it appears that her husband has quite the history of buying call options just in time for some serious action. Coincidence? Yeah, right. Dating back to 2009, the speaker’s husband has been quite active with stocks – including buying Amazon call options around the same time as the JEDI program contract was awarded.

So, how much are the Pelosi’s actually making because of all of this? And…is it even legal?

Well, Pelosi’s spokesperson doesn’t really want to talk about the Amazon call options and how they are conveniently purchased near the decisions made by the Pentagon. The spokesperson told Fox Business that “the Speaker does not own any stock.”

That’s not really an answer, though, is it? Nancy may not own any stock but her husband sure does…and since they’re married, it would appear that Nancy, too, owns the stock. If Nancy “has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions” as her spokesperson claims, she may want to lay off the pillow talk for a while.