Pelosi Reveals That Her Deity Presides Over Climate Change As She Worships at the Altar of Insanity

By miron82/
By miron82/

Nancy Pelosi is the queen of godless beliefs and behaviors as she has abandoned all rationale and has moved to worship the gods of liberalism. Her old gal insanity is looking for eternal matters in a Democratic bill that a divided Senate has yet to be passed. Pelosi may claim to be a Catholic by name, but her true loyalties are found deep within the Democratic Party and its systems of beliefs.

Pelosi belongs to a group of fake religious people that claim to believe in morals and yet hold to the thought that murdering unborn children is somehow acceptable because the law backs them up. Pelosi holds that abortion is just acceptable and that the Catholic Church should overlook their political aspirations.

Her Archbishop of San Francisco has long since rebuked the devout Catholic for her exploitations of the religion that she holds on to. Pelosi thinks that being a Catholic by name is enough to earn her some unsolicited favor with her Creator.

Pelosi is so wrong that even a baby-killing supporting Archbishop rebuked her. Her religious leader thinks that late-term abortion is just acceptable. And yet, she is supposed to be some loyal Catholic. The only reason she claims to be a Catholic is that she can use it as a cover to push her radical socialist ideas.

But her defection of the Catholic faith to the Biden religious cult is based on the Build Back Better bill that she praises as a religious experience. She sees the House’s passing as the world-stopping moment in time that should cause everyone to vote in favor of the trojan bill just waiting to unleash its horrors on the American people.

The most significant part of the bill that fuels her faith in climate change gods is when the bill is passed. She sees its passage as a sign from her cultic gods that she is on the right track to scoring a loss for the country.

Just the News reported that Pelosi has stated, “For me, it’s a religious thing. I believe this is God’s creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards. But if you don’t share that view, you must share the view that we have an obligation to future generations. So we’re very excited about what is in there and it is paid for.”

The items in the bill are a bunch of trash, and every liberal item is socialist-based and has nothing good for the country. Her religious experience comes at a time when the Democrats see themselves as gods to the human race. And the fact that Pelosi seems to have a religious experience with a money bill shows that she loves money more than life.

Joe Biden had once claimed that his beloved bill would not cost anyone any money. But the truth is that the estimate comes in at $4.79 trillion over the next decade, according to the Committee for a Responsible Budget. That amount of money has no base to fund its completion. The nation will suffer for the next decade as future generations struggle to pay for the greedy exploits of the current liberal cult.

Pelosi loves money, and she uses anything to justify her greed. The speaker of the House stated that the bill needs to be passed because “It’s about health care for our children, clean air, clean water, it’s about jobs, jobs, jobs; good-paying union jobs, to keep us preeminent in green technologies throughout the world.”

The bill has nothing to do with protecting or helping kids or even making life better for everyone. It is a sad attempt by the liberals to destroy freedom in America. The guts of the bill have socialism built into it, and there is nothing that the Democrats are going to do to eliminate the poison.

The Republicans are set to take over the House in 2022 as the red wave gains speed. The Democrats know that their time in power is coming to an end, which means they are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve their cultic gods.